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  1. My cruise is March 2020 as well but I haven't received anything telling me my reservation was cancelled
  2. Is the final arrival time to port pretty accurate? My itinerary says will we be at port by 6am and I'm wondering how long it takes to get off the boat and on the road home? Unfortunately I have somewhere to be in the afternoon and not sure i can commit to make it
  3. First time cruise here. Just wondering if kids need a passport? We will be sailing to the Bahamas in March and I want to make sure I get them in time if they need them
  4. Thanks everyone! I just called to reprice and it dropped my cruise from $3019 to $1994. Over $1,000 in savings!!!
  5. Can I do that right through Royal Carribbean even though I purchased through Cruises.com?
  6. I booked my 2020 cruise last month and I just noticed that there was a price drop of over $600 with this most recent sale. I was told that I have a non Refundable deposit. Does that mean I can not re book with the same cruise/same date to get the better price?
  7. Looking for help on what to buy/wear on a cruise leaving from the North in cold weather? I booked a cruise leaving the first week of March 2020 from NY heading to the Bahamas. I'm starting to shop for cruise wear but not sure what to wear or bring when going from cold weather to warm. I dont want to over pack and bring things that I dont need, but want to make sure I have the things that I will need.
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