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  1. when land based Bars and restaurant that go non-smoking , weather by choice or law , the patrons still have the option to step outside to have a smoke. On a cruise no such option exists. If you ban it ship wide, until your at port guest would have to go "cold turkey", making sea day unbearable for some guests used to having multiple cigarettes a day . I don't see this happening (banning smoking ship wide ) 15% is a small percentage of the whole but those are the ones you admit they smoke, I know some who identify as a non-smoker but will have quite a few when drinking is involved
  2. So on board credit, can you add it to an upcoming reservation that you've already made ?
  4. We are traveling with a 14m old and are bringing our carseat, can the carseat be sucered on the excursion shuttles?
  5. Does anyone know the the rules on Coco Cay for the pool are the same as the ship ,as it pertains to toddlers( ie no swim diapers)?
  6. hey all , my wife, my 16 month old son ( at the time of the cruise ), my In-laws, and I will be cruising on Harmony of the seas in April of 2020. I'm just looking for any recommendations, tips or tricks to make this the best vacation possible. Thank you in advance for your help.
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