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  1. You should share with them Matt's podcast #284 - Reasons people avoid going on a cruise (and why they are wrong) I'm assuming people who say things like that have never been on a cruise themselves (like my brother in law!). Don't let them get to you and have a fabulous first cruise and many more to you!
  2. I’m so disappointed to hear that. I hope things go up from here!! Would love to hear more about your sky class experience as we’re traveling in sky class next summer.
  3. Happy adventures to all those sailing soon on Ovation to Alaska! We don’t leave until June 2020 so I will be living vicariously through all of your posts till then. Please post tons of information and pictures! Please send in menus and Cruise Compasses so the rest of us can have a preview of what’s to come!! In the meantime, I have a bunch of Sky class questions that I hope can be answered in the next couple of months: Is Coastal Kiten open on embarkation day? Is there a private sun deck for suite passengers? I thought this might be a nice place for sail away o
  4. Do you know if this applies to Sky Class as well? Or is it okay to let the porters at the curb take our luggage?
  5. We’ve used Uber from our hotel in Waikiki to the airport twice. Not a problem at all. Plenty of drivers like in any big city. Our ride came almost instantaneously.
  6. I will always buy insurance based on our experience. My family of 4 cruised the Eastern Caribbean in the summer of 2015 (kids were 13 and 8). I purchased insurance because my husband and I have elderly parents and if something came up, we would have to cancel our trip. Never in a million years would I think it would be my 8 year old son who would get sick. We had a medical disembarktation in St. Maarten, my son was in the hospital for 2 days and we had to make new arrangements to fly back to the West Coast. We had to pay everything up front (over $6,000 -- last minute plane tickets are in
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