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  1. I agree. And sometimes you can log in here and save $600 - $700 dollars just because someone else wanted to share some information that helped them!
  2. I think a lot of it depends on the particular cruise you are going on.... We have 3 upcoming cruises, one on NCL around Hawaii, one Caribbean, one 9 dayer to Greek Isles. The Hawaii cruise we are going to test the lower limits of the "dress code"....mainly Hawaii style tshirts, aloha shirts, jeans. The Caribbean cruise we will lean a little heavy on the dress-em-up. It's my wife's birthday and Christmas. Maybe even a sport coat and TIE! We aren't flying so we can lug more clothes. The Greek Isles cruise we will again pack light and test the low end of the "dress code" This may change as the Activity Director dictates.....
  3. I asked the same question a few months ago. It boiled down to how bad we wanted to see those parts of the ship. We both agreed we wanted to do it bad enough to spend the money so it's a done deal. If you don't do it you will have to depend on someone else's account of it.
  4. This is good info for our 2020 cruise. One question.....do you have to pay them in Euro or can you pay in USD? (Never been to Europe)
  5. If you enjoy the casino, the odds will be against you. The slots and roulette are poor odds, blackjack odds are better IF you play the game right. If you can't afford to lose, stay out! If you get ahead, WALK! The cruise companies are a business. Sure, they want you to enjoy yourself so that you will book more cruises. But they exist to MAKE MONEY, and they are good at it. Many things on the ship have inflated prices. My opinion is the beverage deals top the list. If you are not going to drink much, buy drinks individually. Our first cruise (Rhapsody) we were on a limited budget. I did play a lot of blackjack and got lucky and paid for my cruise but could easily have been the opposite. We didn't do excursions other than self-guided stuff, souvenir buying, etc. That's one way to prevent overspending. Enjoy your cruise! They are all unforgettable!
  6. Ok thx. Sounds a bit shady but can't really complain after the "glitch". I've got plenty of time, will be watching for a better deal. thx!
  7. Tell me what I'm missing: In our Cruise Planner the Deluxe Drinks Package price for today is $49 +50% off for second person. So I did the math. 7 day cruise X $49=$343. 50% of $343 is $171.50 $343 + $171.50 = $514.50 So when I go to checkout they want $809.48 Their math and my math don't agree. Are they trying to recoup the recent "glitch"?
  8. Our local friends, who enjoy a loftier status than us, have received this email. We haven't received the email but the debit cleared the bank, the Cruise Planner still says it's a deal, and I'm still happy. She was telling us about a Black Friday in July.....does anyone know anything about this?
  9. Yeah, I'm going to have to control myself and keep my wife in line 😲.....but I'm serious about proposing a toast to @kuruczpa . You've got your heads up.....that was a HEADS UP!
  10. We are mere GOLD (better than SILVER) and we haven't received THE email.....but I'm watching......
  11. Thanks! While enjoying this absurdly low priced package, I'm going to propose a toast to you!
  12. Ditto.....I'm usually on the other end of these good deals. Watching email INBOX closely.....
  13. Just kinda a tongue-in-cheek justification for more money lol
  14. We've got The Key on Liberty for the Christmas cruise. My concern with The Key is do they put a ceiling on it or do they money grub and go past the point of it being a good deal. Time will tell.
  15. Yah, I was thinking more like $250. You got your mental anguish in there.......
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