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  1. This site is amazing. I'd never heard of an "RFID Sleeve" until I read this thread. Thanks to that and Mr. Google I now am up to speed and the proud owner of 2. Thanks!
  2. Never can avoid a good CC bashing. If he left SNF and Al was on his own, the ratings would double instantly. There.....
  3. The $52.00 price on our Liberty Christmas cruise hasn't changed in the 3 months I've been watching it. My plan is to hold off until Black Friday then move on it. Besides our two packages, I'll be paying for two others so I'm looking hard for a bargain!
  4. Good. Do they throw you in the brig for throwing things? (that's what I do at home)
  5. We have a cruise booked late in August on NCL. Flying to Honolulu two days before the cruise, doing the Oahu Pearl Harbor/Circle tour the day before (I did this same tour 50 years ago in the USN), then the 7 day Islands cruise....Maui, Hilo, Kona, Kauai, Napali Coast drive-by. I've been watching the webcam on POA and the seas are remarkably calm right now. They can get rough in foul weather, but normally pretty calm. We have some great excursions booked.....going to the crater rim of Kīlauea, a luau on Kauai, Maui tour, and a self-guided excursion to the Kona Brewery 😜 When I saw Oahu 50 years ago, didn't make the other islands. (Thanks to Primo beer, didn't see a whole lot of Oahu). So....when my wife suggested going to Hawaii I was all in. Can't wait!
  6. We'll be on Liberty this next NFL season when the Cowboys play at the Eagles. If I were at home I wouldn't miss it. Are any NFL games available on the ship's TV? What about in the bars?
  7. I think you made a good decision even though we haven't been on Liberty YET. We will be on the Christmas Cruise this December and I have worn my computer out researching everything Liberty. I never find any complaints, always positive. Good luck on your cruise! Can't wait for ours!
  8. Quite a dilemma! But it's really a matter of accepting the fact that your partner is making a career move which will impact your future also....and he is sacrificing big time by being in the academy at Christmas time.. You are booked on a pleasure cruise which is a moment in time that you will enjoy, but it has nothing to do with your future. I would think you should enjoy being with the rest of your family and be appreciative of the fact your partner is pursuing an honorable profession. Enjoy the cruise and thank your partner for his sacrifices and future public service. Also, the fact that he was unable to go gives you a really good reason to book more cruises as you mentioned in your P.s. My $.02 worth 😉
  9. It's soft sided (kinda sorta), definitely not the new kind of hard plastic.
  10. We by no means are frequent flyers but we are going to be taking a couple of lengthy flights in the coming months. I know that Delta and United stipulate carry-on bag size limits of 22" x 14" x 9" or not more than 45 linear inches. I have a Samsonite bag that I want to carry-on but my measuring tape says it is 23" x 14.5" x 8" or 45.5 linear inches. Trying to head off difficulties...will this bag pass the test? How strict are they. I know they have a test hole they use....do they really try to make it go through that hole (I could!) or not?
  11. I'm very pleased with the door sign I ordered from Custom Cruise Wear. Angela was super to work with and very customer oriented. I highly recommend them for door signs and they have a lot more than signs. My wife's sign:
  12. I pondered this not long ago and reasoned it out this way: When I was young I was invincible. Nothing would happen to me. It always happened to someone else. And if by some fluke, it did happen to me I'd deal with it. Now that I'm not so young, I've realized it can and does happen to me. And with each passing year, the probability increases. We will probably go for the insurance on future cruises, also.
  13. Interesting! Thanks for posting. Good to see my next ride got a 98....
  14. Thanks! Good advice.....as usual. This was rather old news and I wasn't able to find anything more recent so maybe Hertz cleaned it up. I don't see Hertz wanting anything to do with this kind of mess.
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