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  1. Our May Caribbean cruise was radically changed and the new ports of call are Oranjestad, Aruba....Willemstad, Curacao....and La Romana, Dominican Republic. I don't know anything about these ports (except I know Natalie Hollaway disappeared on Aruba). If anyone has been to any of these ports and has tips, info, warnings, etc. I would appreciate any heads up! Thx
  2. Thanks Matt! That blog is VERY helpful.
  3. I cruised with Uncle Sam years ago and fell in love with the oceans, the ports, the sea gulls, the marine life, seeing merchant ships at sea, the tug boats, the junks....the whole deal. Unfortunately we were busy raising a family and couldn't afford cruises for many years. Now we can and I still love the sea. I don't know if we are addicted to cruising yet but it seems like we are getting that way. We see the cruises as a great way to see new places, get entertained, eat well, and relax if we want to or get exhausted if we want to....our choice. And this takes place all in a relatively small
  4. I am anticipating my Halloween birthday cruise being cancelled. How do they (RCL) handle communications about the cancellation and refunds? Do they contact you in any way or are you expected to contact them? I'm not looking forward to that process but I certainly want to be up on procedures. I know there are many that have already enjoyed this process and many more in the same boat (no pun intended) that I am. All help, advice appreciated!
  5. I'm in the same boat. Keep booking cruises and watch them go south (not literally). Ahhh well, at some point this will all be a memory. My thinking is at some point everybody is going to want to cruise and fly.....you'll find everything booked up. Might as well try to get ahead of that......
  6. We have an October 25 cruise coming up on Liberty. It looks like it will be on the Covid 19 chopping block, I held out hope but hope is diminishing fast. A couple of questions on what to expect.... First, at what point in relation to the cruise date will RCL make the decision and announce the cancellation? Second, my wife booked this cruise with the help of the "Casino Free" deal. What can we expect as far as cancellation refunds or future cruise vouchers? Thanks for your replies!
  7. Agreed. Remembering back to PRE-Covid19, every time a cruise ship anywhere had a large number of infections of ANYKIND, the media was on it like a duck on a june bug. If any ship POST-Covid19 had an outbreak of anykind, especially Covid19, it will be a huge media circus.
  8. I was there in 1967. Brings back memories..... I was there compliments of Uncle Sam. We sure had fun at Blackbeards with some people off the cruise ships. Full stop.... Well, after thinking about it, I think I was at BLUEBEARD'S Castle at St. Thomas. Sorry 'bout that...
  9. This may seem minor, but to my better half it is major. On a future cruise we purchased the Deluxe Beverage Package. One of the items in the package is bottled water. On past cruises we have pre-paid for like 12 bottles of water to be in our room on arrival. My wife likes that. She wants to know if the Deluxe Beverage Package includes bottled water in the room or will we need to purchase the separate bottled water deal as we have in the past? Thanks!
  10. Thanks all! As usual you gave me all the information I need. I couldn't do this without you, for sure!
  11. Thank you very much! We are booking all excursions through Royal in the cruise planner. I know there are cheaper alternatives but I seem to be more confident in purchasing through RCL....like my thinking is they won't run off and leave us. LOL maybe unfounded?
  12. I should know this and don't..... If you book excursions ahead of time and then have to cancel the cruise, what is the policy for excursion refunds? We are booking through a TA and have the insurance. Thanks for your reply!
  13. Actually we are staying two nights at The Lakefront Anchorage. I did see the Captain Cook Hotel and the reviews were very favorable as was the Hilton. My Activity Director opted for the Lakefront Anchorage and that was that. Sounds like your husband had quite a career! I was enlisted and was only in for four years....2 extended tours crediting me with 4 tours....entirely in the Danang area. I do have grandkids and will look for the book you mentioned. I'll also look for the moose....for me.
  14. Curling is a thing in AK. Right up the road from the Hilton you can do this, maybe a 2 min car ride. Kind of like saying I swam with the pigs in the Caribbean, how many of your friends can say I learned how to do an Olympic sport, such as, curling. Might sound geeky, but it is actually a lot of fun. Great information, Pima! This will be very helpful in buying clothes, deciding what to take, etc. Thank your husband for his service. I'm a Vietnam vet, agent orange exposure and disability. That limits my activities these days but I like the guided tours, as does my wife. Curlin
  15. One more question..... we are planning ahead as to what kind of clothes we will need, both on the cruise ship and ashore in places like Seward and Anchorage. This will be early June and where we live it's shorts and tee shirts time but I'm seeing pictures of the Seward Fjords boat tours (obviously warmer months) where there is plenty of ice and snow around. So it's obviously cold, what would be appropriate outdoor dress for early June? Figuring in airlines policies on luggage , being on a 7 day cruise, and plans before and after the cruise, we will really have to plan for this. Normally
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