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  1. That's one of the main reasons we got The Key. I'm still wondering how many others have The Key......
  2. We'll be on Explorer next year for the 9 day Greek Isles cruise, leaving from Civitavecchia. I'm trying to think out the money issues and how and when to convert US$ to Euros. Can that be done on board ship at all? I plan on taking some Euros with us and I know the banks in Rome will convert....there is a banca in the same block as our hotel in Rome. It seems more convenient to do it on the ship if possible....??
  3. That sounds like a good plan....NASA is a good location as far as going on to Galveston....not far at all.. You will be on I 45 coming in to Galveston, just take the Harborside Drive exit and it goes right to the terminals. Sometimes there is heavy traffic on Harborside, sometimes not.
  4. kadmgs has given a very good rundown on the beaches and I got hungry reading his restaurant recommendations! One thing Texas does not have is nice beaches. A few years ago we went on a road trip to Pensacola when our son was in the service. We went from New Orleans to Pensacola as close to the gulf as we could get.....we saw a lot of beaches. I have been ashamed of Texas beaches ever since.
  5. Just a little more advice....the Johnson Space Center is massive and even if you planned a short in-and-out tour, you will find yourself wanting to see all you can.....just sayin'
  6. If you have your own car, one option is get a hotel room in Houston and drive to terminal the next morning. Very driveable but it is Houston. There are parking options at or near the terminals.
  7. Dittos here. Drive to Galveston, park indoors near cruise terminal.
  8. You are welcome. We've been trying to get a room at the Galvez for years....they are always full. I told them one time they needed to add on big time!
  9. If you are going to get a room at one of the better beach hotels, my advice would be get it sooner rather than later. In January we tried all the top hotels for the Christmas 2019 cruise and they were all full. Found out there was a marathon going on that particular weekend, but there's something going on in Galveston frequently.
  10. Thanks for the tip! Downloaded this app and am running it right now.....making me sleepy!
  11. Good to hear! Thanks for reporting this.....there is a growing element in our society that seems to fail to see why this kind of restraint actually benefits them.
  12. Thanks for calling it a ship. Hook 'em Horns!!
  13. We sailed on Rhapsody back in 2004 and they did the ice sculptures. I remember thinking "how on earth did they find the time to do the ice with all the cooking and cleaning they do" so I'm thinking the crew wasn't too unhappy when it faded out....
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