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  1. Thx for the good explanation. LOL I was wondering about the genie also. Being mere balcony cruisers we tipped our guy $100 and I thought that was generous.
  2. Our recent cruise on Liberty was awesome! Thanks to this forum with all of your help, we had very few problems and totally enjoyed ourselves. If you haven't experienced a Christmas cruise on RCL, I highly recommend it. We had The Key and feel it was money well spent. Only problem was our garment bag with my dress-em-up clothes wound up in Bay City. It had our The Key tag on it but the porter in the terminal loaded it up on the cart with a party of 17 people and nobody noticed until they got home. Ooooops. The nice lady called while we were enroute home and assured us she would UPS it, which she did. RCL never followed up on the lost bag report. Shame on them.
  3. My Vietnamese friend. Liberty of the Seas, Dec. 22-29 people search.
  4. My wife (Kathey) and I will be on Liberty for the Christmas cruise 22-29. It's also her birthday cruise (23rd). We've been looking forward to this for nearly a year and it's almost here! Merry Christmas everyone!🎅
  5. Sure hope you get to see the Cowboys beat the Pats..... 😉
  6. Haunt this site, ask a lot of questions, print and keep info that is vital. You will get it all here! Welcome aboard!
  7. Here ya go https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/11/11/how-get-military-veteran-discount-royal-caribbean-cruise
  8. WTG on your NED! My cancer surgery was Jan. 2017 and my oncologist keeps giving me good reports. Wishing you the best!
  9. Thank you! I'm having a wonderful day and as proud as I can be for having served. And thanks for the tip on the military discount....will check it out.
  10. Believe me, I understand your questions. My wife and I took our first cruise when I retired....and loved it. We intended to plan more cruises but thanks to the stock market crash of 2008, we had to settle in to a low budget lifestyle....not complaining, we have been blessed in other ways. We talked about cruises and travel sometimes but the money just wasn't there.....but we held out hope. Thanks to agent orange exposure in Vietnam and a resulting VA disability, we were finally able to change our lifestyle drastically and began cruising. We recently went on a Hawaiian cruise (Pride of America, NCL) and we have a birthday/Christmas cruise on RCL next month, and a Greek Isles cruise out of Rome (RCL) next June. We are now talking about an Alaska cruise next August. One year ago we did not imagine this kind of lifestyle change. So....things change, sometimes for the good, sometimes not. Like Forrest Gump said...."Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know just what you're going to get". So....we are just taking it as it comes and always thankful.
  11. You could always not accept the risk and just stay at home....but a meteor might crash through your roof and there ya go.....😉
  12. We got "The Key" for our upcoming birthday/Christmas cruise thinking there was a limit on the number per cruise they would sell. I have since wondered if that is true. I mean, if 90% wanted "The Key" would they sell it to them? Anyone?
  13. Chris, I have to commend you!!! You put everything you need for a six month cruise in one suitcase.....we go on a seven day cruise and take five suitcases!!! That is amazing! I enjoyed your vlog and look forward to more. I am subscribing to your channel for sure. Keep them coming!
  14. Hey Joe....I've used only one per bag using the wire loop ties, no problems yet. Using two certainly wouldn't be a problem though. Thanks for your service and all others that responded! I wasn't on a sub but was a Plankowner on USS Biddle (DLG-34), later became CG-34. Two extended cruises to Tonkin Gulf, the first was an around-the-world cruise. Anchors aweigh!!
  15. I got so enthused about this itinerary I ordered two National Geographic wall maps, one of the whole Mediterranean and the other of just the Greek Isles, charted the course on both. Quite an itinerary! We are getting to Rome a couple of days early and hitting the high spots. I don't know much about the various islands but it should be interesting! I don't know if Explorer will still be making this cruise in 2021....they seem to move these ships around periodically. Maybe one of the more experienced on here knows the relocation pattern.
  16. We haven't been on this 9 night cruise yet but have it booked for next June. It is on Explorer. We are in a group that did extensive research on which Med cruise to take and this one had what we thought the best itinerary. Can't give a review yet but we are sure looking forward to it! OUR CRUISE
  17. That's one of the main reasons we got The Key. I'm still wondering how many others have The Key......
  18. We'll be on Explorer next year for the 9 day Greek Isles cruise, leaving from Civitavecchia. I'm trying to think out the money issues and how and when to convert US$ to Euros. Can that be done on board ship at all? I plan on taking some Euros with us and I know the banks in Rome will convert....there is a banca in the same block as our hotel in Rome. It seems more convenient to do it on the ship if possible....??
  19. That sounds like a good plan....NASA is a good location as far as going on to Galveston....not far at all.. You will be on I 45 coming in to Galveston, just take the Harborside Drive exit and it goes right to the terminals. Sometimes there is heavy traffic on Harborside, sometimes not.
  20. kadmgs has given a very good rundown on the beaches and I got hungry reading his restaurant recommendations! One thing Texas does not have is nice beaches. A few years ago we went on a road trip to Pensacola when our son was in the service. We went from New Orleans to Pensacola as close to the gulf as we could get.....we saw a lot of beaches. I have been ashamed of Texas beaches ever since.
  21. Just a little more advice....the Johnson Space Center is massive and even if you planned a short in-and-out tour, you will find yourself wanting to see all you can.....just sayin'
  22. If you have your own car, one option is get a hotel room in Houston and drive to terminal the next morning. Very driveable but it is Houston. There are parking options at or near the terminals.
  23. Dittos here. Drive to Galveston, park indoors near cruise terminal.
  24. You are welcome. We've been trying to get a room at the Galvez for years....they are always full. I told them one time they needed to add on big time!
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