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  1. The question that always confuses me. Reading that people who smoke in the US is at 14%. So why do the remaining 86% of us have to tolerate second hand smoke or skip a venue because of the heavy smoke that pours out of a casino. When Illinois went non smoking all you heard was bars and night spots would go out of business because of smoking ban. Yeah right their business suffered no side effects and in some cases doubled. So Royal needs to follow Celebrity and kick smoking off of cruise ships.
  2. Royal created this problem and now playing catch up. They have for a long time catered to loyalty guests. Grandeur regulars have seen the drooling that goes on for Pinnacles. I was in a cruise where the world about ended to give a Pinnacle their pins. Stopped a show and dining room announcement. Suite guests pay a lot more for rooms. Those rooms generate a lot more revenue with less people. Celebrity sees the value in keeping suite guests happy and Royal finally sees that they have to do the same. If I want amenities I pay for them with suite rooms not loyalty. The loyalty perks are not a given they are now a thorn in Royals side. They are trying to figure out how to fix the monster they created.
  3. It seems royal is making a change to be more in line with Celebrity. Creating a suite only lounge as The Retreat is on Celebrity. Seems they are trying to get standardized between the companies.
  4. This is all about what it costs RCL. As more perks that came from loyalty cruisers get taken away they can now sell. So when given away to those who attained status it costs them in management and payroll. But now selling them and striping it from loyalty program it is a total win. The worst part of it all is you need to spend more to guarantee you can do things on board an oversold event. So when do you think it will end. 200 keys. 300 or 400. Pretty soon everyone will need the program. Then they can sell a super key and start all over.
  5. Think the key is the greatest scam RCL has come up with. Selling to customer things that actually cost them nothing. Free lunch. The kitchen is cooking anyways. WiFi costs them nothing. Early on yep zilch. Early off you guessed it nothing. Time specified for attractions once again it is a zero. Workers are already there. So if they sell 200 of these on a cruise at 38 bucks it is 7600 a day. 53,200 a week and 212,800 a month. Almost a quarter of a million extra from just one ship a month Not all ships have need for key but if 15 do that is 3.2 million per month. 38 million a year. All pure profit selling free stuff.
  6. That would be a great idea. Especially since on last cruise end of July the next cruise desk offered cruises on Royal and Celebrity.
  7. Was on Ovation 2 weeks ago in a suite. Because of key sales chops was closed for everyone else. Concierge could not even get table. So another suite perk falls off the list. It does amaze me how royal has taken something that literally costs them nothing, early boarding, move up in line, wi-fi and a lunch and have turned it into a large revenue source. What next clean towels and soap 10 dollars a day. Coin slot on tv. Elevators cost 1 dollar a ride.
  8. Just finished cruise on Ovation. Universal remote does not give full access to the tv. If you can even reach hdmi slots on tv you may be able to switch inputs. But the Samsung’s onboard are pretty locked down. Remember years ago when hotel TVs had a special remote to get access which is difficult to get.
  9. Booked southern Caribbean cruise. Got a great price on 2 bedroom family suite.
  10. Just got home from Ovation cruise chat feature available for 7.99 per person for entire cruise using IQ.
  11. Booked 2021 cruise on Ovation past week with Next Cruise
  12. So left yesterday from Seattle Smith Cove pier. First most disorganized embarkation I have ever experienced. Staff just pointing to go anywhere and not even bothering to determine your loyalty status nor your room class. Except for the “key” buyers. There they have signs and people looking for them. Great I just enjoyed spending a lot of money on sky class suite and having not a single area for suite travelers. Then getting into a scrum pit and finally asking a staff member and getting told go other side toward windows. Yeah right thousand people in the way. Boarding time comes. Announcement Pinnacle, D+, D and key members board first. No suite guests nothing. Really since when do suite guests fall behind those categories. Not sure if this is at all terminals now. But not sure RC thinking of irritating suite guests and allowing pseudo suite guest who spend for key to jump above and even be in class of Pinnacle members. Another slap to loyalty. Will see how rest of week plays out. Have early private excursions. See if we have priory at ports or have to wait behind “key” buyers.
  13. I think the Celebrity Suite is nice room. Liked the separate bedroom. The bathroom a little small. Have had some bathrooms in a Grand Suites on RC that have been huge. I feel the furniture in Celebrity suite to be uncomfortable strange design. But so was the Retreat chairs strange those tiny stools and long bench on the wall. Maybe modern look do not know. Other crazy thing in the suite no way to control just some lights seems one switch everything was turned on. One thing when it came to service, Celebrity wins hands down.
  14. Sailed Summit to Bermuda in May. Stayed in Celebrity Suite. Had all the perks. Rarely used drink package. Retreat door always open and drinks always available, not like RC lounge where drinks only for happy hour. The sun deck is great place for lunch. They have 5 or 6 dishes. Burgers to salads and wraps. Drinks are free. Service is impeccable. The staff in retreat are unbelievably attentive and your butler is dedicated to making everything right. I am definitely a fan. My cruise next week on Ovation May be last on royal. Celebrity from customer service on land to staff are crew onboard have me sold.
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