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  1. Back when White Parties were in style NCL did them very Victoria's Secret People flying through the air, flashing drinks, glowing ice cubes . Last September of last year we were on the Oasis and they were doing 80's themes. It's a little annoying that they don't really mention it on the pre cruise information
  2. I thoughtt hat I read the Japanese Restaurant is not included in this plan it is always Ala carte Bon Voyage
  3. Hi we are in Greensboro area and my prized White German Shepherd came from Lafayette
  4. Last September we sailed the Oasis of the seas..Pre renovation and the pool water was disgusting. It's only changed every other day and it is murky by lunch on the first day. People stand in the pool all day long drinking. Think what you may . My husband and I decided not to go in either the pool or Jacuzzi. The adult pool was also in the smoking section. That ship had questionable sanitation to begin with so it was a hard pass for us
  5. Can you ask the people that book on the ship. I am sure they would tell everybody about that Black Friday sales if they were going to be any. The only thing they are there to do is sell sell sell LOL Bon Voyage
  6. I bought it for our cruise leaving from Miami on 11/19/2019 just for the early embark time. However I just received an email stating that the Coast Guard is going through a mandatory inspection no one should come to the terminal prior to 2:30pm. I canceled it since everything it offered was canceled . I called RC and I had to send the rep the email since they knew nothing about it. They said they would reschedule the lunch with the Chops menu during the Cruise. I have to be honest I am not a fan of Royal Caribbean and end up on them because we have friends who are financially not able to book a good line. Our last Cruise was on the Oasis of the seas and it was terrible. Over crowded , the room was in terrible condition, holes in the room darkening curtains, it smelled and they kept trying to make up for it with a menu in a specialty restaurant and they never could get us in unless it was 10pm or 4 in the afternoon.
  7. I did . Sailing this Tuesday from Miami to Mexico . Went from a third floor porthole to a seventh floor spacious balcony for 210.00 each , So for the 420.00 it was worth it to me to get out of the bilge
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