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  1. Researching past posts it looks like Unlimited dining includes snack foods in Playmakers/pub. How about the wings and fries that cost extra on Coco Cay? I'd like to think/hope it includes those too?
  2. Thanks! I was hoping you'd answer. I'll ask the host sometime this weekend. I play backwards craps generally so i cycle a lot of money across the table which i can adjust up a little if i know i'm getting close. don't really win or lose big but its a lot of throughput. thank you again.
  3. ahh gotcha. i don't play slots at all so that's why ive never seen it. thanks!
  4. Anyone know how to figure out how many casino points you have so you can figure out what level you are?
  5. Do the balcony dividers open up for adjoining balconies on Mariner? Looking at booking adjacent Junior Suites on deck 11 (the new rooms directly by the solarium). It is 1000$ cheaper to book two Junior suites as it is to have 4 people in one room (seems silly I know). If we have the kids sleep in the room next door it would be helpful if they could get back and forth between the rooms without going out into the hallway. Thanks! Collin
  6. lol i tried to do this in an owners suite on Independence and you'd have thought i asked for a kidney.
  7. the first time i was at Labadee in 2005 before they had the pier the suite beach was for everyone and it was lovely. I'm sure whichever is the best they'll lock off. maybe a special pool too or something.
  8. I can't imagine there won't be some sort of exclusive area coming at some point. they've added it to basically every ship and labadee. I WANT MY EXCLUSIVITY! lololol i kid i kid. just another arrow in the quiver of is a suite "worth it"
  9. Has there been anything specific about Suite /sky/star class perks at the new perfect day at coco cay? like the beach/buffet at Labadee? I apologize if its common knowledge and I missed it.
  10. I saw him on Indy back at the beginning of January. there were only like 8 pinnacle people on that 4 day.
  11. Nope -- Independence out of FLL on the 3rd. Good luck though hope we get em!
  12. I'm on in an owners suite bidding to whatever is the one bigger than that. i think there's only one. looked nice though had a piano.
  13. anyone had a successful bid on an upgrade yet? Heading on Independence next week and was wondering when I'll find out if I was accepted/rejected...
  14. Called today to buy just one delux beverage package and was informed that my wife who doesn't drink soda was REQUIRED to buy a refreshment package.... is this a new policy? I though you could call and get an excemption to only get one package? Thanks! Collin
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