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  1. I know that 'The Key' description indicates that '* Priority check-in and boarding will not be offered in Vancouver, Canada or at any ports in Australia.' Does anyone who has departed from Sydney Harbour recently, know if this is still correct? May make difference if we decide to get or not.
  2. Yep...because of the 3 day lock out I think the timing is really bad for us to get the online deals. I will still ask though when we get onboard. Very cool experience with the Intercontinental Hotel! This will be our 2nd cruise out of Sydney and probably not our last. We stayed at the Four Seasons in Circular Quay (figured we could 'splurge' for one night" the last time. We just LOVE area! Being a short walk away from the Opera House doesn't hurt, either. Our son has moved to a small town called Jindabyne, which is about 300 miles from Sydney. He just had our first granddaughter a
  3. Yes....I was figuring that would be my only hope, too.
  4. Our 9nt Cruise from Sydney, AUS is actually embarking on 'Black Friday' Nov, 29th. Does this probably mean we won't be offered any Black Friday Deals for this cruise?
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