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  1. Yes, I'd volunteer. Already asked my TA if she hears anything about signing up to let me know. We've got skin in the game with a family cruise consisting of 10 people booked on Allure in '21, so anything I can do to move the process along, I'm in.
  2. Wife & I are doing a repositioning cruise on Reflection next spring, so very much appreciated your take on the Summit. Our 1st 2 cruises were on Carnival boats, ‘getting our feet wet,’ followed by 3 RCL cruises, each absolutely fabulous, and now our 1st on a Celebrity boat. I have to think there will be a lot of carry over across the Celebrity fleet. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing this information! I share your sentiments about St. Marten; haven’t been there, but for no particular reason it doesn’t appeal to me. I’d like to do St. Lucia and Dominica. The ABC’s appeal
  3. Thanks for digging into this JLM... I really don't know the answer to your question...just know that the salt water helps a lot. Also sunshine. At the time I first came down wit psoriasis (1979), the doc said salt water & sunshine were the 2 best things for it. At the time I lived in So. Calif. not too far from the beach. I'd sunbath in the back yard on my lunch hour and hit the beach frequently after work. The sunshine seemed to help maintain the gains I made, and the salt water seemed to do the improving. Think it may have been the way the surf exfoliated my skin. As you can imag
  4. Oops, hit the send button by mistake. I know the Summit isn't in the same class, but what applies to the goose may apply to the gander. If you would be so kind as to post back after your cruise as to what type of water is in the Summit pools, that may be an indicator of what to expect on the Reflection.
  5. Sounds like we're in the same boat Kathy (every pun intended)! Enjoy your cruise!
  6. Wow; I just ran across this site! Have been on several RCL cruises and wife & I are booked on ReflectIon’s repositioning cruise in April-May 2020 (1st time on a Celebrity boat). Have some family business to take care of in Ireland, and when I saw this cruise ends in Dublin…well…sounds like a road, er, water trip to me!!! I have a question hopefully someone is knowledgeable about. Is either of the pools on Reflection salt water? I have psoriasis and salt water & sunshine are the 2 best things for it. With so many sea days, there’s no chance to ‘take a dip’ in the ocean. Hopin
  7. My wife & I used to live on a 36’ boat. In 2017 we sailed on Jewel OTS & booked the forward most cabin on Deck 9 specifically for the motion to ‘rock us to sleep.’ Big disappointment; didn’t feel a thing! However, eating in the MDR, towards the aft of the boat, with the motion we felt there, we had to fight to keep awake during our dinners!!! Go figure! We will be sailing on Celebrity Reflection next April, and I booked the aft most cabin on Deck 10. Will see how that compares. This cabin is on the starboard side and we’ve always been high up on the port side in all our prev
  8. Don't know the answer to your question, but I do know they only keep the survey time open for about a week after they send it out. Waited a little too long and when I went to take the survey, it had timed out.
  9. Have sailed on RCL ships and have accumulated C&A points. Just booked a re-positioning cruise on Celebrity Reflection for April 2020. Celebrity has its own loyalty program, but has anyone else sailed on both lines and knows if sailing on a Celebrity ship can add to your already existing C&A points?
  10. Thanks for the great info! It's just a concept I hadn't thought about before & now have a much better idea of how to work it in this type of situation.
  11. Here’s a ‘Dear Abby’ type of question. We’re going on a family cruise next month on Symphony OTS. We have 2 daughters (both in their 30’s) booked into a cabin that comes with an On Board credit; not much, just $50. The one daughter saw the offer to use the OBC when she purchased an internet package today, but didn’t use it because she didn’t understand what it was. She & mom want to go Parasailing on Coco Cay (of curse, er, I mean course, my wife wants to use our cabin’s OBC towards Parasailing), and beloved daughter 1 wants advise on how to handle the OBC with beloved daughter 2. Bei
  12. Oops, forgot to mention my thanks to you too, Twangster! It's 6:30 am & I'm not fully awake yet.
  13. Will be sailing on SOS this August. Have a breathing machine for sleep apnea. Anyone have experience if SOS has distilled water available on board, which I need for the machine, or do I have to bring my own?
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