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  1. It’s just all so heart breaking sad all around. I’ve felt from the start the Grandfather was 100% at fault for this tragedy. I understand his denial it must be a very heavy burden to carry in his heart much less admit to. The lawsuit and tv interviews the parents gave were also heartbreaking to watch. I suppose I can understand the need to blame an outside party for the tragic death of your child. Now with the release of the video showing he definitely held little Chloe out an open window. I pray the parents drop the lawsuit and move on. Puerto Rico should offer Anello a plea deal admit guilt and have probation for a set time. There’s been enough heart break.
  2. This is great news! When we book suites we like the benefit of the Concierge Lounge. There is nothing worse then having it over run by Diamond + members who go in early and save seats. We pay a lot of money for this perk! On cruises we book in a non suite cabin we are happy to huddle with the unwashed masses in the Diamond lounge!
  3. We were upgraded I believe to Jr Suite had corner room with huge windows. It was amazing! Especially in the morning!
  4. We’ve stayed at Inter Continental and doubletree we liked both.
  5. We like the Miami Downtown Hilton woke up in morning could see our ship. They offer shuttle to port. Or it was $7 Uber. We book the stay, park & go. Ended up being only $10 more then parking at port for the week. There is couple fast food and grocery store (Publix) across street. Next door is a free tram takes you around town to different spots!
  6. I certainly hope they ban smoking in casino and soon! Before my April cruise would be fabulous! I’d spend more time in casino but the smoke can get to me after awhile!
  7. I’m curious about this. About 13 years ago we left ship in Belize and flew home; because my Mother had passed away back in the states. We were not charged any fee’s by any one. Only thing it cost us was flight home. It never occurred to us we could have been.
  8. So very heartbreaking. Just really aren’t any words. My thoughts and prayers are with those on board ship! We are a Royal Caribbean family and we are with you! So very sad. 😞 😢
  9. Yeah I see that, the articles I read called it manslaughter. So honestly I don’t know unless it’s considered the same!
  10. No they charged him with negligent manslaughter which seems appropriate.
  11. I read elsewhere that she was escorted off ship. That this may have been a mental health issue. It appears in picture someone’s arm around her legs.
  12. When we travel with friends we take board games especially if we have a lot of Sea days. Sequence is a favorite
  13. I’ve never brought protein powder but I bring powdered G2 without issue.
  14. Items on list for Diamond is: Buy beer, wine or soda receive free one. Is that per couple or will my husband and I each receive a bogo? Same with 8x10 photos etc...
  15. Smokers seem to adjust. They tend to start off kicking and screaming but they adjust. When states all over the country started making smoking inside illegal. Smokers cried it would drastically hurt the bar & restaurant business but it didn’t. When cruise lines banned smoking first in cabins, then balconies and most indoor areas. The smokers still cruised. If they ban smoking in casino the smokers will adjust and still gamble. Only about 15% of the US population smokes any more. Non smoking casinos are coming just a matter of when!
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