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  1. Yeah I see that, the articles I read called it manslaughter. So honestly I don’t know unless it’s considered the same!
  2. No they charged him with negligent manslaughter which seems appropriate.
  3. I read elsewhere that she was escorted off ship. That this may have been a mental health issue. It appears in picture someone’s arm around her legs.
  4. When we travel with friends we take board games especially if we have a lot of Sea days. Sequence is a favorite
  5. I’ve never brought protein powder but I bring powdered G2 without issue.
  6. Items on list for Diamond is: Buy beer, wine or soda receive free one. Is that per couple or will my husband and I each receive a bogo? Same with 8x10 photos etc...
  7. Smokers seem to adjust. They tend to start off kicking and screaming but they adjust. When states all over the country started making smoking inside illegal. Smokers cried it would drastically hurt the bar & restaurant business but it didn’t. When cruise lines banned smoking first in cabins, then balconies and most indoor areas. The smokers still cruised. If they ban smoking in casino the smokers will adjust and still gamble. Only about 15% of the US population smokes any more. Non smoking casinos are coming just a matter of when!
  8. Been on 20 cruises don’t think I’ve ever used guest services or know what they are for! Oops take that back think they might have assisted us when my Mother passed away while we were on a cruise. She had not been with us but we wanted to disembark at next port and fly home. Think they help my DH make arrangements.
  9. Our next cruise is in a suite. Other then our specialty dining reservations what other things can be arranged though concierge prior to boarding?
  10. And be sure to prepare your next cruise immediately after or even during your first cruise! PCD (Post Cruise Depression) is real and there is only one cure! 😉
  11. I’ve been on about 20 cruises and still read blogs & you tube Non Stop before each cruise! Cruise is all I’ll talk about! So it never goes away!
  12. I’m with 👆👆cruising is dangerous and not for faint of heart!!!! 😉
  13. On another Cruise site an Assistant Casino Host on Mariner of Seas says that RCI will be going Non-smoking in Casino. Has anyone heard this rumor and know if there is any truth to it?
  14. Best locals place is Schooner Wharf Bar..... they also have live music (depending on day and time)
  15. I’d check into a local hotel near the port. I don’t know about New Jersey here in Florida hotels near port often offer stay & park with free shuttle to port. On our next cruise we are actually paying less to stay at hotel the night before the cruise and leave our car parked there then it is to park at Miami cruise parking. Then no worries about hitting traffic or missing the ship!! Just an idea!💡
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