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  1. Cape liberty moves fast, last time from the front door of the Terminal to the 270 Café on anthem was about 15 minutes
  2. There are several cruises to New England/Canada leaving from Cape Liberty in NJ next Sept and Oct, Newark airport is only 15 mins from the port.
  3. You can pre-purchase through cruise planner but you would have to buy the plan for your entire cruise. If it goes on sale you can simply cancel and re-purchase as many times as you like right up until two days before your cruise.
  4. When in October are you sailing? We are booked on the oct 8th cruise.
  5. We book chops, you do have to pay but it’s a nice way to start your vacation.
  6. I’m wondering if they have managed to out price themselves. The pre cruise drink packages have gotten so expensive people are passing, Choosing to limit their drinking, bring their own wine and soda on board and have cocktails in ports. This all add up to low sales for Royal forcing them to run deals on board (the drink card Seems to be making a comeback) in order to reach their sales qoutas. Perhaps in the summer and holidays during high volume cruise season the high price packages will sells but my guess they will figure this out and we will start seeing better “ sales” on cruise planner.
  7. I’ve seen a few Facebook post today suggesting Royal is increasing the number of “keys” sold per cruise. I have not been able to confirm this rumor, wondering if anyone has any information regarding the number of key guest. Don’t know if the recent change of venue for the “chops” lunch supports this theory or fueled the rumor.
  8. I don’t think you will have any issue getting off and on the ship being the non suite guest are minors. You may however have problems when it come to shows Activities and coastal kitchen. I doubt anyone will question the baby but your 12 year olds may be told they don’t have access to these perks.
  9. When did they move the lunch to the MDR? My cruise planner is still saying Chops.
  10. Supply and demand, Royal was very clever on this one. They rolled this out last year with a lot of hype and a decent price. Now that people know about the benefits and the fact that there are only 100 to 200 available per cruise (selling out) they are upping the price. Some people will wait for a sale others will book early afraid it will sell out and they will miss their chance. It’s my believe they offered the key for all of the 2020 cruises now in hopes of selling as many as possible at the higher price ...if they luck out and sell out ...no sale.
  11. At the current price of $31.99 a nine night cruise would cost two of us $575. Voom for 2 Devices is listed at $23.98 (x9) would be $216 voom for 1 device is 12.99 (x9) totals $117 ( just want to be able to keep in touch with home). Maybe on a shorter cruise with my teens (they would want voom and stream and use all the activities) this would be for us, this time I’ll put the $450 difference toward my Excursions.
  12. Showed up for Adventure October 2020 for $31.99
  13. I did on Anthem it was 9 night summer cruise, lots of families with small children probably not booking Specialty restaurants so they won’t full. I think you’re more likely to see deals for these restaurants on longer for cruises, of course with the new unlimited dining plan that could change.
  14. I got it for $18 for my children but that was two years ago so $20 maybe the best price these days.
  15. I’ve had spa staff approach me while on the ship and offer me special deals if I book for that day. Port days you get the best deals. My friend and her daughter were laying by the pool on a port day, a staff member offered then Massages for half the price she saw them for in the cruise planner. If they do not book A certain amount of appointments they will start offering deep discounts to fill spots much like the specialty restaurants.
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