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  1. If your bid is accepted and you move from sky class to star class will your drink package be refunded? We are in a Grand suite bidding on a two bedroom Aqua Suite. We purchased the drink package and specialty dinning using some onboard credit (funds from purchases made on cancelled sailings) and paying the balance. Would the onboard credit go back on our account for this sailings? Hoping to use it for paying Gratuities.
  2. Checked in for my oasis October cruise this morning, don’t expect to hear anything on the protocol until after the test sailing on August 22nd. Fully vaccinated as long as the ship is sailing we will be on board.
  3. I read a Facebook post stating the key program is being suspended on some sailings, has anyone heard this?
  4. Another vote for Nassau. I have a stop there in October probably won’t get off the ship. Not really thrilled with the itinerary of our cruise but it’s a ship and it’s selling so we will be on it.
  5. Thank you, I guess I was booking two daybeds without realizing it.
  6. Looking to book daybed or cabana on Coco Cay this October very confused by the pricing. Cabanas are running anywhere from floating cabanas for $1500 (8 people) to water park cabanas for $600 (6people) while daybeds are listed at $200. I decided to book a daybed at chill island and entered it into my cruise planner. It asked who many guests I answered two and list of myself and my husband. My total at check out was $400. I find it kind of strange cabanas are one price up a 6/8 guest while daybeds are per person up to 4 guest which in some cases makes the daybed more expensive. If I book a cabana now with just the two us will I be able to add on other people? We are traveling alone but if I have the cabana can I invite people we may met onboard to join us being it already paid for?
  7. Isn’t located in costal kitchen on Oasis? Might do that another night but I’m thinking something where we can have our own table on our anniversary
  8. My husband and I will hopefully be sailing on Oasis in October. We planned sail last year for 20th anniversary plan B or should a say D (four cancelled cruises) We will celebrate our 21st anniversary on the ship. I want to surprise my hubby with a nice dinner what specialty restaurant do you recommend? Most nights will be eating in coastal kitchen but I’d like to have one special dinner on our anniversary.
  9. I had cruise book on adventure that was cancelled took the fcc and booked oasis which just cancelled as well. Does anyone know if I would get a fcc for the whole amount or two separate ( the old fcc and the balance paid)
  10. I just got the details of my rescheduled cruise for October 4th straightened out this morning and now I’m reading this....it took weeks to get my credit figured out if they have to do it again I fear I’m going to loss money. They’ve already been holding thousands of dollars of my money a year not sure what to do about making another payment. Guess I have to decide how much I’m willing to lose.
  11. Has anyone been able To successfully move a $18 a day drink package from a cruise that royal canceled to a new cruise?
  12. Only thing I wanted for was specialty dining in the past. If not filled they would offer great deals onboard now that unlimited dining is a thing I may miss out.
  13. Let us known if you get it .....I have my fingers crossed ? for you.
  14. Curious are they charging you the port fees for the new stop or absorbing it for everyone? I’m not sure I could get off at every stop it seems very busy I might have to pick one or two to stay on board or make a very short day on the island.
  15. Mine is all things Canadian in Halifax but there were about six others I don’t know what they were
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