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  1. I had cruise book on adventure that was cancelled took the fcc and booked oasis which just cancelled as well. Does anyone know if I would get a fcc for the whole amount or two separate ( the old fcc and the balance paid)
  2. I just got the details of my rescheduled cruise for October 4th straightened out this morning and now I’m reading this....it took weeks to get my credit figured out if they have to do it again I fear I’m going to loss money. They’ve already been holding thousands of dollars of my money a year not sure what to do about making another payment. Guess I have to decide how much I’m willing to lose.
  3. Has anyone been able To successfully move a $18 a day drink package from a cruise that royal canceled to a new cruise?
  4. Only thing I wanted for was specialty dining in the past. If not filled they would offer great deals onboard now that unlimited dining is a thing I may miss out.
  5. Let us known if you get it .....I have my fingers crossed for you.
  6. Curious are they charging you the port fees for the new stop or absorbing it for everyone? I’m not sure I could get off at every stop it seems very busy I might have to pick one or two to stay on board or make a very short day on the island.
  7. Mine is all things Canadian in Halifax but there were about six others I don’t know what they were
  8. Finally got some clarification this morning it seems there’s been “ a Mass Cancellation of excursions on my sailing” At least seven excursions have been canceled I think somethings up will not be a bit surprised in my next email is an itinerary change.
  9. I understand things happen, bummed about the cancellation but that’s not my real issue it’s the fact that nobody told me it was canceled If you had time to adjust my credit card you time to send a heads up email. ...Also I gave my TA a call no email there either.
  10. I haven’t looked at cruise planner for a few day so I don’t know when it was cancelled and the rep couldn’t tell me He did say that a refund Was already sent to my credit card so I don’t they were working on a plan B but that would have been nice. Glad it worked out for you.
  11. I’m thinking of changing my cabin on an up coming cruise, what would that mean for excursions, dining and drink packages already booked? Would my booking number remain the same? I’m Hesitant because I got in on the $18 drink package and don’t wanna lose the deal. Saw a great deal on a low category cabin and would save a ton.
  12. True, but the lack of communication is not good business practices on Royal’s part.
  13. Unfortunately nothing else really interests us very disappointing
  14. Noticed one of my excursion was missing from my order history on cruise planner today. Called royal customer service was told excursion is no longer being offered and my card credit is being credited, no email sent. I booked on Black Friday for a great price now if I want a different excursion in that port I have to pay full price not happy.
  15. I’m surprised you were able to order two drink packages for the same person. I would stick with the refreshment packages, You got a great price and it cover everything but alcohol...soda, bottle water, fresh squeezed oj, smoothie, shakes, coffees and even mock tails. If you decide to have a frozen cocktail you would just pay out of pocket for the shot added to the drink.
  16. I read the passengers who are choosing to go ahead with their cruise on Anthem this week are being offered a 50% future cruise credit as well as a 50% refund (obc), just Curious how this works? Is it off the full price of another cruise or do you get a credit for 50 % of the current cruise cost that can be use even on a sale price?
  17. It’s a personal choice I however will never be in a foreign country without my documentation on me I’ve had to personal experiences that have made me feel this way. One becoming extremely ill and having to be moving from one country to another for attention and another being in an area where a protest/riot broke out and we were unable to get back to our hotel if my passport wasn’t on me I wouldn’t been able to get to safety.
  18. I book chops ahead of time for embarkation day. I do pay full price but it’s worth it to to avoid the crowds in the windjammer.
  19. I noticed today a much larger onboard credit ( similar price ) being offered on my sailing. My question is, my category is sold out, has anyone had experience with a sold out category being repriced if the rest of the cabins are at a lower price ( I took note of all category pricing when I bought so I could do a comparison ) or have a larger onboard credit that when you booked?
  20. How did you find out about the Partial charter I’d like to check to see if there’s anything on my cruise Depending on the group it may change my plans
  21. I noticed today my cruise planner schedule does not match the cruise time table website. When I first checked a few months ago to see what other ship would be in port it matched up. Today the schedule is changed same ports different days. I call customer service the rep got off the phone for about five minutes to talk to supervisor and came back no charges at this time but if there are any we will be contacted. I’m thinking it’s the process of being change because when I look up my cruise the ports are now list in the order of cruise time table and not cruise planner. Has this happed to a
  22. I’m on that cruise, 10/08/20 New England/Canada can’t wait. Booked all my excursions during the Black Friday sale. The a Facebook group already set up for the sailing.
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