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  1. Following along! We have an aft room(9406) for our May FOS cruise. This will be our first aft room. There is nothing like the wake view. Have a great cruise!
  2. Great. Now that is all I'm going to think about. Gross! During the performance I can't help but think about my college days waiting tables. For a customer's birthday we would stop everything and all go sing Happy Birthday. It always seemed to take place at the busiest time. As I was singing with a smile I couldn't help but think of everything else I needed to do. I still say being a server was one of the hardest jobs I had. I wonder how the wait staff feel about the performance? As always....service with a smile!
  3. One more question for you about your last day..... Were the street vendors set up on Sunday morning? Last time we were in PR I bought some Ray Bans and a Michael Kors purse ( I'm sure they were real;) I would like to do some shopping before our return home. Thanks for your review! It was very helpful.
  4. I guess FOS is the ship to celebrate silver anniversaries! We are the week before you. Congrats to you and happy cruise countdown! We are soooo looking forward to it.
  5. We have a 3:30 departure flight. The San Juan On Your Own w/Airport Drop Off tour thru RC might be for us. Was your airport arrival time around 1:30? Thanks!
  6. It looks like you had a fabulous anniversary cruise. In May we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary on Freedom as well. Thanks for sharing!!
  7. We are trying to decide between the Coastal cruise to the Pitons and the Soufriere by Spanish Galleon tour. We are leaning towards the latter. Has anyone done this tour? Thanks! OVERVIEW Enjoy a scenic sail on the west coast of beautiful St. Lucia aboard a 16th-century replica Spanish Galleon, voyaging to the town of Soufriere, home to the Pitons (two mountainous volcanic spires) as well as mineral mud baths. Relax with camera in hand as guides relate the history and many interesting facts about the island. Sail past the famous Marigot Bay and the fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries before setting eyes on the majestic Pitons, a St. Lucia icon and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arriving in Soufriere, board a bus to the world’s only drive-in volcano. There, take time to soothe your body and mind at the therapeutic hot mineral mud baths. Then head to Morne Corbaril Estate, an 18th-century working plantation, for a creole buffet lunch. After, cruise up the gorgeous the coastline to a pretty bay for a swim in the clear Caribbean before returning to the Castries Harbor. SLI0
  8. I noticed this last night. What a deal! We considered jumping on it but didn't. I'm so sick of work and other life responsibilities getting in the way of more cruising😉.
  9. We seen a Bon Jovi cover band in August while on Ovation. This 80's girl was in heaven! I've always been a fan of Bon Jovi and now even more. They will always remind me of our wonderful Alaskan cruise.
  10. We use a sharpie marker to label the cups. Works great!
  11. We were on Ovation last month. It is a great ship! The perfect cruise to Alaska with kids. My son did the flow rider and said it was heated. We had some nice days where we enjoyed the outdoor pool too.
  12. We always get one room with no issues. The sofa pulls out like a trundle so there are 2 distinct beds. Our teenage boys sleep just fine on them. No complaints at all!
  13. I second the vote for the Lavender daiquiri. I found the drink on the menu at Schooner bar a few weeks ago. I do not like sweet drinks but with the drink package I decided to give it a try. It is my new favorite RC drink! I would love a Lavender daiquiri from Schooner's right now!!!
  14. We were on the Aug 23rd sailing. There are no words for the scenery and wildlife on this cruise. It was an amazing trip! I know you will enjoy it. I'll be following along in hopes it helps my post cruise low!! Tip for the train in Skagway--sit on the left hand side.
  15. Thanks for sharing! We are doing the same itinerary in May, 2020. We bring our swim spring floats along on our cruises and love them! We floated right up to the swim up bar in Labadee without dealing with seaweed. I never thought about bringing a beach tent though. I'm adding it to my list now. It will be a smart purchase for my fair skin in the Southern Caribbean. Thanks!
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