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  1. It is a nice thought but that is what I figured. Thanks!!
  2. We have some leftover FCC. Can we use that credit to pay for a Royal Up if we win? Thanks!
  3. We got 1:00 PM too. I think that was the earliest time available. Pre-Covid we were one of those crazy folks that were at the Port by 9:00 AM! Can't wait!!
  4. Our 90 day check in was today. I woke up at 1:00 AM and was able to check in. I'm not sure if it opened up right at midnight or not. I'm happy with our 1:00 PM check in time. Good luck!
  5. All checked in!! 90 days and counting!
  6. We just go to the library and use the computers onboard to check in to our flights. We buy an hour of internet. I believe it is around $10.00.
  7. You picked a great ship class especially for the kids. We are finally getting excited about sailing again. My husband is already talking about where he can watch his beloved Lions play (and probably lose?) on Thanksgiving day.
  8. Count us in!! It will be my husband and I and our 2 boys (ages 21 and 18). This will be our first Thanksgiving sailing and first time on Symphony as well. We love Oasis class ships (sailed Oasis once and Harmony twice). We are feeling very positive we will be sailing?
  9. We are in a 3D category(11326) which is a regular ocean view room. It is listed as 198 sq ft. but the room and balcony definitely appear larger on the deck plan. We just upgraded from an obstructed OVB room. It was $400 more but glad we did. There is nothing like the wake view!
  10. The aft rooms on the deck plan appear larger than regular OVB rooms. The agent I spoke with said they are the same square footage. When Odyssey starts sailing I'll be hunting for some videos/pics or feedback of the rooms.
  11. Another difference from her sister ships are aft ocean view balcony rooms. There are 4 aft OVB rooms on Deck 10, 11 and 12. We were lucky enough to snag one for our Thanksgiving, 2022 sailing. This will be our first aft room so we are very excited!
  12. I completely feel your frustration with the weird math, questionable FCC amounts and random refunds. I spent a few hours on the phone recently trying to get things resolved. The "glitch" I'm referring to is in our favor. Our cruise shows it is paid in full when there is a balance. Who knows anymore!!! I might be kicking myself for not booking a suite if they are paying off balances?
  13. I noticed the same thing on mine. I'm guessing the "glitch" will be fixed eventually.
  14. We have always sailed with the 4 of us in an ocean view balcony room with no problem. With our boys being older now we booked 2 rooms for our next sailing. My husband and I have a balcony room and our boys have an interior room directly across from us. We told our boys if they want to see the ocean we can open our doors and they can look across the hall? Seriously though...we are very excited to have 2 rooms. I'm sure it will be hard to ever go back to one. Good luck!!
  15. I did not use our crown and anchor balcony discount. I booked it under the current promo BOGO 60% off the 2nd guest. We were able to apply the 10% discount off that promo.
  16. I recently redeemed the 10% discount. The discount came out to more than 10% the total cruise fare for the entire cabin too. I couldn't figure out the math but happy it was in our favor!
  17. I tried last year to redeem My Vegas rewards for OBC on a Club Royale discounted cruise. I was DENIED!! The rules state they are not combinable. I read some people had success but no luck here.
  18. My Symphony sailing is 1/21. I was unable to get the sale price so that blows that theory! Sounds like the intern is back at work!
  19. The 50% DBP sale was showing on my Symphony sailing today. The package was listed at $44. I was unable to complete the purchase online stating it could not be added to my cart. I called RC and was told only one package was available for the sale price. I would need to purchase the other package for $71. Tricky!!!
  20. For my Symphony sailing in August Chops shows they are closed for lunch on embarkation day. I hope the app is incorrect. We were planning on Chops for lunch on Day 1.
  21. Casino Royale--- 866-578-3667. This is the number I use.
  22. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a full refund for our cruise fare and cruise planner purchases in less than 30 days. Hopefully Royal is getting the whole refund process straightened out. -Our cruise was for 5/24/20 -Royal cancelled our cruise on 4/16/20 -I requested a full refund for our cruise fare and cruise planner purchases on 4/16/20 -Received full refund on 5/14/20 Thanks Royal!! We are now counting down the days until our next cruise.
  23. We go the same magically price jump on our Coco Cay items for our Aug SY and Nov Oasis cruise.
  24. It would be so nice if Royal's call center had a call back option. I just did a call back option with the airlines. You don't lose your "place in line" and get a call when an agent is available. It would sure beat listening to their music for hours on end!!
  25. It reminds me of the "Shake & Bake" tagline from Talladega Nights. I could use a good laugh; I need to watch that movie again.
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