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  1. This will be our first time on Odyssey and to all the ports other than Labadee. We did an Alaskan cruise on Ovation and loved the layout of the ship. We have 9 weeks to go!!!!
  2. We are on this sailing as well. We sailed on Symphony last Thanksgiving and loved it! It is finally starting to feel real. We can't wait!!!
  3. We are sailing on Symphony on 5/21. Do you know if the Solarium Bistro is open? I've read it was closed for some sailings. Sounds like you are enjoying your cruise!! Thanks!
  4. We have an ocean view balcony stateroom for our May, 2022 Symphony sailing. We just received our Royal Up. The starting bid for a Junior suite is $250/pp and a one bedroom Grand suite is $700/pp.
  5. We have this port stop on our November, 2022 Odyssey cruise. They have no excursions listed yet. I'm patiently waiting to see what is available. We are excited for a new port.
  6. That was the first thing we did when we boarded. They had a specialty dining stand set up in the promenade. I had all of our reservations written out for the week. I handed the gentleman my paper and he made it happen!
  7. We had the unlimited dining package when we sailed on Symphony in November. You will enjoy it!! I gained 8 pounds on that cruise
  8. We stayed in cabin 7570 on Ovation of the Seas (sister ship). We had a partial davit as the obstruction but we didn't mind it at all.
  9. Let us know about cards. I figure our evenings will be a little more relaxed this time. We seen all the shows when we sailed in November so we are not hitting them again other than the headliner.
  10. Deck 8 is our favorite! We sailed on Symphony over Thanksgiving. Our cabin was on Deck 8 right outside of Central Park. It was so convenient. We decided to "change things up" this sailing. We are on Deck 6 right outside of the Boardwalk. We will see which deck we like better. We have been cruising as a family for years. Our boys(they will always be our "boys") are now 22 & 19. This will be our FIRST sailing with just my husband and I. We are soooo looking forward to it!!!
  11. Fingers crossed for you and your family. We went this morning and have 4 negative tests. I'm so relieved and happy!!! The results took about an hour. I think I refreshed my email about 30 times waiting for the results. Miami/Symphony here we come!!!!!!!!!
  12. We are getting so close!! I'll be so relieved to get 4 negative Covid tests. Safe travels!
  13. It is crazy keeping up with it but I love it!!! I'll keep watching for our refund to hit. Our suitcases are coming out this weekend. We are so close!!!
  14. Is there a push notification on the new chat app? When we used the old messaging app having no push notification was such a downfall.
  15. Did you ever receive your refund? I called this morning since it is past the 45 days. She said they have to "manually process" the refund. Hopefully we see something in the next couple of days.
  16. We will happily be disconnected with no internet for the week. If you don't get in update I will when I can. I think our numbers will be up because of Thanksgiving.
  17. This is our first cruise back since the start up. I'm sure the next 2 weeks will go by fast. We really can't wait!!! The sloths look so cute! We are going on an ATV adventure in Roatan. I'm sure it will be fun but it is a little out of my comfort zone. What a mom wouldn't do for her boys!!!
  18. I'm glad you got it too!! With 17 days and counting it is the little things like checking in 30 minutes earlier that make my work days tolerable. I'm doing a happy dance with excitement. My husband and boys think I'm crazy. I just love planning for vacations. We got another $274 OBC last week too.
  19. They just added an 11:30 check in time. Yay!! We are beyond excited!! I'll be so relieved when we get 4 negative Covid tests. I'm hoping it stays around 50% capacity. So hard to say with Thanksgiving.
  20. I've booked several cruises with the 10% discount. The discount stays with the booking when repricing.
  21. How about officially announcing pre-cruise testing requirements for November sailings?!?! They need to be careful about what news they are hyping up at this time. Ugh....I love Royal but come on!!
  22. They just added earlier check in times. We went from 1 PM to Noon. Yay!!
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