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  1. This is new and very helpful information! TY. I'll have to consider this since my May 31st sailing out of Cape Liberty doesn't look very hopeful.
  2. I received my credit card refunds 4 business days after I cancelled.
  3. Curious. I generally like cabins on higher decks, typically 2-3 decks below the pool for its proximity to the pool and Windjammer. For those who choose mid or lower level decks, what do you like about those locations (other than greater ship stability for motion sickness)? TY
  4. For me, I cancelled all of my shore excursions, beverage packages, etc. on Friday March 13th evening (so after business hours) and all were refunded on my credit card on 3/19. I count this as 4 business days since I technically cancelled over the weekend.
  5. @ameblas I was in the same boat as you. Having learned a ton from reading all the advice on this forum, I contacted my travel agent who upgraded my oceanview balcony room to a junior suite for no upcharge. Very happy!
  6. @Andrew72681 I have an only 13 yo, so this is a good tip. Thanks!
  7. To @SteveinSC and everyone on this blog - thank you for all of the wonderful tips!! I would have never considered ordering the free continental breakfast room service, but breakfast appetizers, here I come!
  8. @FManke Breakfast appetizers. I love it!
  9. Thanks for your post! I remember when I first booked the beach bed that 2 loungers were included because we're a family of 3 and the loungers would have provided extra seating. I guess now we'll be extra close. That's what family is for, right?! 😁
  10. Thanks for the tip! I would have just defaulted to my nickname, not the official doc/ID name on the cruise registration.
  11. @KristiZ Ahh, thank you! I got confused when the cruise planner asks you to choose guests and I was misinterpreting it as who would be using the internet. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Hello! New to RC. How do I sign up for the 3-device internet package on the cruise planner? Do I select the 3-device package and check off 1 person (me) and I then share the access code with 2 others in my cabin? Or do I select the 1-device package and check off all 3 people? Please help! Thank you.
  13. 1. Getting pampered with good food that I didn't cook, no dishes to clean & put away, experiencing new cultures 2. Alaska, river cruising in South America!
  14. Thanks for all of your input. Obviously the refreshment package offers more and since this is our first RC cruise, we’ll keep that to get the most enjoyment and cancel the others. Thanks for being a sounding board!
  15. This is our first Royal Caribbean cruise. It's on Anthem in April. Very excited. Hubbie, teen son and me. Need your help deciding on which non-alcoholic beverage package. Hubbie likes soda & specialty coffees. Teen son doesn't like carbonated soda but likes Coke's Minute Maid Lemonade (does Freestyle machine have Minute Maid options?). I don't drink soda but drink lots of water, so bottled water is convenient but can go without any beverage package. Knowing that I can cancel before the cruise, I currently have Refreshment package for all 3 of us (at $19 per person) AND Classic Soda (for hubbie) AND Coffee Card. I know it's overkill right now, so I would appreciate your experienced feedback to help right size it.Thanks!
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