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  1. I currently have a cruise booked for the end of May with a balcony room overlooking Central Park. The final payment date has past; therefore everything is paid. I noticed an ocean view balcony room is available for a cheaper price than I paid for my room. Would it be possible to upgrade my room and receive on board credit? Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated!
  2. Are the drink prices at CocoCay the same as on the ship? One link I found (https://eatsleepcruise.com/2019/07/whats-included-on-perfect-day-cococay-bahamas/) shows some drinks being $11. Trying to gauge prices.
  3. To confirm, the Deluxe Drink Package on Oasis Class ships includes drinks up to $13.00? I've seen that stated several places, but never by Royal Caribbean. I want to double check before purchasing a package for my cruise on Harmony.
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