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  1. The best vaccine ever is: 1)Have a healthy life : Do sports Eat healthy Rest enough (8 hour sleep) Do not stress/fear 2) Go and get the damn virus... drink a lot of water, rest well, dont panic and you will be ok
  2. Finally! Yesterday I received the last refunds from my cancelled cruise. At the end it matched the total amount. A couple of advices for you that are still waiting: 1) Dont try to match the amounts to the individual payments you did or the costs of each cruise planner activity. It seems their system just throws some random amounts. 2) In my case, I got my money back in the 30 days range, but starting from a date they told me the cruise was really cancelled in their system, not the actual date I cancelled (via web and sending the format), so make sure you know which date to start coun
  3. I called today to ask for my refunds and was told that yesterday they were processed but it could take a couple of days for my credit card to reflect it. My dissapointment came when I asked for the amount and it corresponded just to some (not even all) of the cruise planner activities, then they told me refunds are process in 2 different systems, one for the cruise planner and other for the rooms. So, supposely the cruise planner refunds will be processed this week but for the room I have to wait a couple of weeks more (I cancelled on march 18 and asked for 100% refund). My main concern a
  4. At least has anyone received the 100% full refund in your credit card statement? (Just for the purpose of having hope)
  5. I was going to travel on March 28, here is my experience: I received auto-generated cancellation e-mails from 6 out of 8 planner purchases between 17-20 March, I also sent the refunds form on 19/March (I dont want the FCC). Till today I havent received any refund neither from the planner purchases or the cabin. They told me 2 of the planner purchases did not send an e-mail because they were cancelled directly by the provider before the cancellation of cruises (its kind of weird they cannot send me a cancellation e-mail for those). They also told me the refund would take between 3 and 4 w
  6. Thanks for your replies, i guess in my case its taking loger. My first cancellation e-mail was on 17 and I'm still waiting for it to reflect on my AMEX credit card.
  7. Hi all! Just to ask your experience regarding the refund of complements (offshore expeditions, massages, dinner or drink packages, internet, etc) and the room. I have received e-mails for 6 from 8 complements I payed, but I have not received the refund yet of any of those (I understand I have to wait around 10 business days), also I havent received the refund of the room (which I also requested). Any exprerience on how many days it takes to get the refund? Is it normal that the cancellation of complements are being sent by mail so slow? (1 or 2 complements each 2 or 3 days).
  8. Thanks @Lovetocruise2002 and @Matt, I will ask for the refund
  9. I'm trying to figure out if the 125% FCC is a good option for me. I definitely want to reshedule my cancelled cruise but the new itinerary that works for me is cheaper than what I paid before. I had already payed a balcony room so upgrading is not an option (I dont want the suite). The only thing that would work is using the credit for shore excursions and extras (beberages packages, massage, etc) but from what I have read it doesnt work that way. I would like this thread to focus on ideas to use the FCC in this scenario. Ideas? If this doesnt work I'll end up asking for a 100% refund and
  10. Hi folks! I was going to cruise at the end of March but now I have to reshedule thanks to Covid19, and since my airline is not letting me reschedule after October, I was thinking the possibility of taking the cruise at the begining in August (which I think is the worst of hurricane season in Western Caribbean). Those of you who have plenty of experience in cruisers, do you think is a good idea? Or Im better of resheduling until December even If i lose some money on flights?
  11. I dont want to be pessimistic, but you should take into account that a big percentage of the guests are from other countries which may not be at the same point in the virus-time than USA. For example, currently China is near recovery after a couple of months of drastic measures, but South America is just starting the journey! So in order to start cruising its not just about USA, for the cruise to be viable economically, there are dependencies to other countrys. Anyway, I hope to be mistaken, I also lost my cruise and although I will be refunded regarding Royal Caribbean, I will lose
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