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  1. Is there a list of the onboard offers that are preloaded onto the Sea Pass card (used to be a coupon book) by Crown and Anchor Level? Does it change that much between itineraries or is it pretty standard across the fleet?
  2. I suggest also looking at other options like Mr. Sanchos or Nachi Cocum for a beach break. We will be trying Mr. Sanchos for the first time in November. We did the dolphin encounter last time and they were significantly cheaper than other ports.
  3. You can definitely withdraw at the casino for a fee. If you don't have cash on hand for chips, you give your seapass card to the dealer or floor manager and they will withdraw the amount you want in chips. You should be able to also get chips using your seapass card at the casino cashier. I have taken cash out at Guest Services when I was in Europe for Euros when we ran out of $ to exchange at the ports.
  4. On Oasis there will be lots of photo ops on the ship especially during formal nights. There will be different options of backdrops at the Royal Promenade area, as well as a spot on the grand stairs. There is also a photo op at the classic car in the Royal Promenade. There are photographers who go around dinner time and take photos of your tables. There is also a couple of photo ops in Central Park, however, I do not remember if there is any photo ops at the Boardwalk. At embarkation/checkin, there are a couple of photo ops before entering the ship. Photographers will be around during some of the other activities on the ship as well. Back when there were Dreamworks Characters on board there were also photo ops with the characters such as Po and Tigress from Kungfu Panda, Trolls, Madagascar and Penguins, etc. There are also photo ops at all the ports by the gangways during arrival and sail away. We are planning to get the digital photo package for our cruise in November. One of the tips given was to take a few minutes every night to check the photos that were taken either that day or the day before - since sometimes what you may remember that a photo was taken, it may not show up or someone else's photo shows up in your gallery. One of the technologies they use is face recognition which is not always reliable-hence the missing and additional photos. Let the crew at the photo center know right away that there is a photo of people not in your party or if there was a photo you expected to see but its not there. If you are super intentional, you should be able to get at least 150 digital photos for the week as a couple which is worth it vs paying the prices for prints on board.
  5. I believe with the refreshment package the bottled water is also included. That may be an option.
  6. There is lots of construction at LGA and who knows for how long. Departing from there can easily turn into a nightmare with the construction and having to come from Jersey - add the possibility of traffic.
  7. I remember the same, our passports were collected by Royal for the Turkey ports since they are not part of the EU, so you could not go of the ship with them anyways. They were returned to us for Alexandria Egypt and we were instructed to have our passport books with us the whole time. To answer the question - in general, you should be fine with having the card as your photo ID and paired with your sea pass for most ports in Europe. However, I would defer to the cruise compass and captain's instructions at each port. There are alway's risks in losing your passport book if you bring it with you at ports in Europe. There is also always a risk of missing your ship, and how much of a hassle will it be to be left behind without your passport book. Either way there are trade offs.
  8. For My Time, I believe they only seat you with your own party. If you show up early before your reservation they may not have any tables available to seat you and you will have to wait. Its just like any typical restaurant with reservations - if they can accommodate you they will but you may have to wait if its busy.
  9. I don't think RCI has any interest in that. One of the cruise industry's foundation is being able to avoid local labor laws in most countries to capitalize on cheap labor. Having hotels in the departure ports i.e. US, Europe, Australia, goes against that. I don't know if any other major cruise lines that have a hotel line attached other than Disney, which is a class by itself. The Ritz launched a Yacht collection recently. RCI does not even have "preferred" hotel partners that I know of that give passengers any RCI perks while staying there before or after cruising. However, I could be wrong.
  10. I agree with what people have said so far. If you are targeting something specific, I would canvas pricing of the item where you live and determine if the pricing in the Caribbean is worth it. You can get good deals but it doesn't mean cheap.
  11. My first cruise was on Legend of the Seas
  12. Also, make sure to be specific with the liquor - name the rum, the gin, whiskey, etc you want. I like BBCs as well while in the caribbean. You can ask the bartenders to make you a surprise drink by giving them the flavor profiles you like.
  13. My kids are 4 and 8 and they've cruised multiple times. I would suggest to request a table by yourselves. I actually have never sat with other parties in the MDR in my past cruises, we've always been a party of 4 or more. We have done both My Time and early seating in the MDR. Even with My Time, we always asked for the same table - this meant that the staff got to know the kids real well to - their likes and dislikes. Kids also got food quicker and were fully fed before getting picked up or dropped of at AO. For the most part our kids were asleep when we picked them up after 10. The latest we got them is probably midnight. After dinner is probably the longest stretch we leave them at AO - 4 hours. During cruise days we would drop them off for a morning or afternoon AO session for a few hours. We did activities and the pool together the rest of the time.
  14. We have never done the digital photo package. Any tips? We have two rooms and planning to buy one package tied to one person.
  15. First time trying the shoe organizers based on the tips from people. I got two, one for each room. This is the first I have heard about metal hooks not being allowed. Is this just on the doors? meaning, we will get on the ship without any hassle?
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