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Crown and Anchor Onboard Offers


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3 minutes ago, bokx2 said:

Is there a list of the onboard offers that are preloaded onto the Sea Pass card (used to be a coupon book) by Crown and Anchor Level? Does it change that much between itineraries or is it pretty standard across the fleet?

You get the letter on the ship.  There is a summary of benefits at CAS website.  I haven't seen changes by itinerary, just CAS level.  I attached a diamond letter as an example.

At this link you will find member benefits by level.https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cas/

Diamond Benefits.pdf

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I had to go to the Loyalty Desk while on Harmony to see what onboard offers/benefits I had. For Gold status, most of them didn't interest me so I don't remember them very well:

  • Buy one get one free - Johnny Rockets Milkshake
  • Buy one get one free - glass of wine / beer/ coffee (not valid at stand-alone Starbucks) (had to be ordered at the same time)
  • 8x10 photo discount of some sort
  • Discount on bottles of wine
  • Maybe a discount on laundry bag service?

Sorry for the vagueness. Like I said, I just scanned the paper for ones I might use (only ended up using the milkshake one ? )

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Just now, RatedPG said:

I wonder if I can get the free item from the BOGO offers at a later time or day.  I almost always sail alone.

You can not get it at a later time unless you have some sort of pre-arrangement with a bartender, ie slip them some bucks to do this for you.  Typically they will just hand you both at the same time.  I will say this though, if you are hanging out at the bar im sure they would keep one beer cold for you.

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