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  1. Yep, In the port of Galveston which is known for Fog in the winter months I sat in port after boarding for 2 days before the ship could leave. Missed a port completely and one other severely cut short. Go on the cruise take the cruise refund/credit and enjoy yourself. For those of us who travel for a living there is no such thing as everything going perfect, not even vacations.
  2. Wait for a sale, it was 67 a few days ago with the sale they were running.
  3. It always seems to be something...... Being in the software business I wonder if RCL has the QA phase before they roll stuff into production. Cruise departs in 1 day, 79 days from now.
  4. Wow, yes that is a bad image for RCCL, i thought you had screen captured from a previous sale and then just put them next to each other here on the boards. Nice find though, its like the wheres waldo on the RCL site, although there are thousands of waldos instead of just one.
  5. Its actually not Buy one Get one Free, its buy one get the next at 50% off. The Regular price is unknown so you are paying ??? for the first one and getting 50% off ????. As others have said, find the price you feel is of "value" and buy it. Promotional Marketing is an Art not a science, everyone has their trigger points so changing prices is in the best interest of anybody who sells something.
  6. That means there were times/days that were 89.00. Just like those big billboards that say HOMES STARTING FROM the 260's and when you show up all they have left are 400,000+.
  7. Did all of the ships switch to SEATTLES BEST at the cafe promenade or Latitudes etc? I have not seen any Starbucks being brewed outside of the starbucks dedicated kiosks..
  8. I believe it means if you were to buy CHOPS (the most expensive specialty) every night and day for lunch that is provided you would save around 50% off the price of buying them individually.
  9. Unless of course this is how its opened... 🙂 Yes its terribly fake....
  10. I find that if 2.00+ has been added to a price of a drink as automatic gratuity thats quite a tip for a single drink. Especially a beer where they pop the cap off and you pay 1.60 gratuity for it. Yes yes yes you can say but it goes to the stock folks and the cleaners etc....
  11. Still gotta run to get Specialty coffees. No drinks delivered via room service are covered in any drink package.
  12. NO you can not but that would be a genius idea for RCL to publish your photos on your PAST CRUISE history and let you purchase them digitally after the fact.
  13. Be careful with these frozen drinks, each one has approx 60 grams of sugar, 15 teaspoons of sugar in them. Very quickly you can be ingesting 300 grams of sugar per day (1.5 cups of sugar) just in these frozen concoctions.
  14. I am also in the boat where I am tired of Specialty dining. the Menus are uninspiring and rarely change (CHOPS / GIOVANNIS) if you eat there every night plus lunches on an unlimited package. 150 Central Park used to have 2 different menus on a 7 night cruise, now they just have one for the whole week. Someone mentioned the starters being uninspiring in the specialty restaurants, thats so true. The only starter I truly enjoyed was the very garlicky anchovy filled caesar salad from 150 Central Park. I feel like the MDR and Windjammer have a great variety of options throughout the week, especially the salad bar at lunches in the MDR.
  15. The Pina Coladas are "GOOD" but they just come from the pre-mix sugary ISLAND OASIS carton. And yes it only takes a few seconds to dump a bunch of ice into a blender with a lot of the mix and have your drink ready.
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