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  1. Ill be darned, had no idea. Wonder why so many diamond plus and pinnacles hang out in the crowded diamond lounge then..:)
  2. I dont think Diamond Plus gets into the Concierge Lounge, only suites.
  3. They can add notes to your account so be careful if you get someone who does take notes, make sure your stories are not changing each time.
  4. I am not sure rebating is banned, they have a whole published public facing document describing what they allow TA's to do as it relates to rebating: http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/10018842_Rebate_Guidelines.pdf
  5. Sams Club got out of the travel business completely. Costco has never had any Agency Change fees or fees of any sort. They tell you up front how much money you will get back (Used to be On Board Credit now its a Costco Cash Card). If you know Cruising well enough and you pay attention to price changes they work out great. I had to switch a cruise to a different week due to a school schedule change and Costco used its size to work with Royal to waive the NRD deposit fee of 100.00 per person.
  6. You definitely can not, even had them call out when my GF and Myself tried to apply an OBC redemption for the same room.
  7. Free Cruises on MyVegas are a thing of the past. Even the 100 dollar oBC is becoming impossible to use since it cant be combined with much at all. It was good while it lasted.
  8. No, the package you bought really doesnt have any affect on the rules of what you can bring on. With that being said I saw one gentleman with a dolly of 3 cases of water on my last sailing. I dont think they really police the non alcoholic drinks too much.
  9. Two votes for Jamies, just an overall great experience and the foods are full of flavor.
  10. This is absolutely true now, no more credit or refunds after final payment. Tried it back in Aug when the sailing went down 200 per person.
  11. You can not get it at a later time unless you have some sort of pre-arrangement with a bartender, ie slip them some bucks to do this for you. Typically they will just hand you both at the same time. I will say this though, if you are hanging out at the bar im sure they would keep one beer cold for you.
  12. Their rationale is that since this was a "complimentary amenity," they can remove it with no harm. MDR, Sorrentos, El Loco Fresh, Windjammer, Park Cafe, Cafe Promenade, Dog House are all complimentary amenities, wonder when they start chopping these and charging? Broadway shows, Comedy, Ice Shows, Headliner are all complimentary amenities today, will they be chopped too?
  13. This is a very good point, the Credit Card company really hates when companies "steal" from their customers. RCL will have to prove that those perks were not part of your cruise stateroom you chose which will never happen. Likely they will not respond at all to the Credit Card inquiry which means the card company will refund you and hold funds from RCL.
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