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  1. My concern is if i call them they will say "OH we gave you too much". I will wait a bit to see if the taxes and fees are refunded. If i dont get a refund then they gave me too little. Heaven for bid they include itemizations of everything they put into the FCC. Anytime you return anything to a store you see EVERY item returned in detail.
  2. I received an email today for a cancelled cruise with a FCC amount that i cant figure out what is consists of. I requested my On Board Purchase also be applied as a FCC but i cant tell if they just merged them all together. My Total FCC doesnt add up to the (Cruise Fare + CPP purchases) X 1.25 so i have no idea what was processed. My question is, Are the Port Taxes and Fees part of the FCC or have people been getting them as actual refunds? Has anyone else noticed what appeared to be their CPP and Cruise Fare all lumped into one big FCC?
  3. If you leave the language vague enough it can mean anything. I dont know but you are right thats how Transferrable typically is used. But in this case it could be used to say it can not be transferred to a new reservation also. We as customers will never win.
  4. Per the FCC terms and conditions, FCC is non transferrable: Terms & Conditions Royal Caribbean International’s (RCI) “Cruise With Confidence” program allows individual guests and guests in non-contracted groups who booked a cruise on or before August 1, 2020, for cruises sailing between June 12, 2020 and April 30, 2022, to cancel their cruise up to 48 hours prior to the vacation start date and have the option to either (i) receive a Future Cruise Credit equal to the full amount of the cruise fare the guest paid for their cruise, or (ii) move their booking to an eligible alternate sailing and receive our “best price guarantee” for the re-booked sailing, or (iii) opt in for our “best price guarantee” on their current sailing. “Eligible alternate sailing” means a booking in the same stateroom category sailing with RCI on the same product and cruise length scheduled within four weeks before or four weeks after the date of the original sailing but in the subsequent year. For those sailings, RCI will protect the guest’s original price and/or promotion so long as the guest moves the eligible booking to the alternative sailing on or before August 1, 2020. If RCI’s “best price guarantee” results in a decrease in the guest’s cruise fare inside final payment, then the difference will be provided to guests in the form of a non-refundable onboard credit for use on the eligible alternative sailing. If RCI’s “best price guarantee” results in a decrease in the guest’s cruise fare outside final payment, the difference will be provided in a rate adjustment. “Vacation start date” means the date of the earlier of: (i) the scheduled embarkation of the cruise; or (ii) any pre-cruise hotel stay or Cruisetour package associated with the cruise and booked through RCI. If the guest chooses to move their booking to an eligible sailing in the subsequent year, any penalties previously assessed based on the prior sailing’s penalty schedule will follow the booking to the new sailing. The Future Cruise Credit portion of the “Cruise With Confidence” program will only apply to bookings for named guests for which cruise fares have been paid in full. If the guest opts to cancels his/her cruise, a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) will be issued for the cruise fare amounts paid to the cruise line. The FCC is non-transferrable and may not be redeemed for cash. The FCC’s value may be applied toward the cruise fare due on a new booking, on RCI for a sailing that is the later of on or before December 31, 2021, or 12 months after the date that the guest cancelled their original sailing . All bookings are subject to availability at the time of the request. If not used on or before the expiration date stated above, the FCC will automatically expire and have no cash value. Restrictions may apply on stateroom category and applicable pricing and promotions. Guest will remain responsible for paying the applicable deposit amounts, taxes/fees, port expenses and gratuities (if applicable) for the new booking. RCI’s “Cruise with Confidence” program does not apply to bookings made by residents of mainland China, and Hong Kong. Program does not apply to chartered sailings or contracted group bookings. RCI reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions at any time without prior notice or liability. Offer can be withdrawn at any time without notice.
  5. Word on the street: Prices on Llamas & Sheep on the rise due to increased demands for Emotional Support Animals...... https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ICm8/trivago-buffet Shown here in a graph, because if its in a graph its true:
  6. ahahahahaha, based on the past 3.5 yrs there is no getting anything together anytime soon.
  7. Im guessing the amount of money they save on normal helpings/servings vs some people throwing away 80% of every plate they take will be considerable.
  8. You mean we finally get to eat food that hasn't been touched and put back by kids and some disgusting adults? The amount of things you can observe in just a minute or two in the buffet line (anywhere not just a cruise) is absolutely disgusting.
  9. Serenade is using Vancouver so i dont think that is possible.
  10. I'm definitely on it, booked yesterday. I look forward to meeting you. Yea I found the prices to be very reasonable. Yes taxes are about 2.5x a Caribbean cruise but I found the actual cabin rates quite attractive. I am curious to see what they do with the menus for the specialty restaurants that were aligned to the Asian market.
  11. Awesome Information. I've never been on an Alaska cruise so this sailing with the 4 stops and the Dawes glacier looked like a decent one for first time from Seattle. Maybe a nice evening at some pubs in Victoria won't be all bad, I've spent a lot of time in Vancouver so I can't imagine it's that different. Plus it's light til 930 ish in July.
  12. So it looks like they are bringing Quantum to Alaska next summer to tagteam with Ovation and Serenade. I found an interesting 7 night that i wanted some feedback from folks who have done Alaska. My question is really about the port days that look like they are over dinner hours. Do they extend dinner hours on these type dates? This itinerary looks interesting and as Twangster noted in previous posts not many from Seattle make it to ISP. Cruise Segment of Itinerary Monday - Jul 12, 2021 Day 1 Seattle, United States Depart: 4:00 pm Tuesday - Jul 13, 2021 Day 2 At Sea Wednesday - Jul 14, 2021 Day 3 Ketchikan, United States Arrive: 7:00 am Depart: 5:00 pm Thursday - Jul 15, 2021 Day 4 Icy Strait Point, United States Arrive: 10:00 am Depart: 7:00 pm Friday - Jul 16, 2021 Day 5 Cruising Dawes Glacier, United States Arrive: 5:30 am Depart: 10:00 am Juneau, United States Arrive: 1:30 pm Depart: 10:00 pm Saturday - Jul 17, 2021 Day 6 At Sea Sunday - Jul 18, 2021 Day 7 Victoria, Canada Arrive: 5:30 pm Depart: 11:00 pm Monday - Jul 19, 2021 Day 8 Seattle, United States Arrive: 7:00 am
  13. This happens a LOT with airlines. They will cancel a route completely. Put you on different Aircraft, different connections, move your seats but the BIG difference is any time this happens with an airline you have the option for full cancel and full refund due to the changes which are NOT what you agreed to in your contract with them. RCL is digging itself a bigger hole than this pandemic has already handed out.
  14. Ill say it again, short term interest free loans go a long way in paying their 250 million dollars a quarter operating costs. Should be 100% illegal
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