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  1. Yea I am sure these weekend cruises are great for a lot of people. We have one booked in December but I am worried we are going to feel rushed and not get to experience the full ship. Who knows though! We also might love it and decide to go on one every other month. We will have to wait and see
  2. I couldn't see myself booking a weekend cruise on Oasis or even Freedom class. There is too much to do and I would hate feeling rushed. It would take all aspects of relaxation out of the vacation for me.
  3. And another amazing itinerary I missed. I guess I need to learn to not put off cruising in the future
  4. This itinerary looks amazing!!! Uhg I wish I could have gone on her back then. Oh well.....Here's to the future.
  5. Ahhhhhhh so she did do longer itineraries at one point!? This makes me more hopeful for the future
  6. We are eyeballing Freedom for our Southern Caribbean cruise. It looks like an amazing ship with plenty to do on a 7 nighter. Liberty is on our list and also stops at Grand Cayman which we haven't been to yet. We like slides so that was a big reason for wanting Navigator plus the added venues/dinning is a big positive for us. The downside for cruising on the Navigator is simply the ports of call. I don't know if we want to pay for the same ports over and over again, even on a different ship. Like you said..... We are staying positive and hopeful to possible add ons of itineraries or
  7. That's why it is on my list. The ship looks amazing! Definitely let me know if you hear or see any upcoming itinerary changes. It's interesting to think if they shorten all cruises, and they are trying to include Royal owned Islands on most of the cruises, maybe they will start alternating itineraries more? Here I go again..... just dreaming lol. I am so interested in seeing what happens when sailings resume.......Me and the millions of other cruises.
  8. I understand the point of charging more for shorter cruises. I don't blame them but I will stay hopeful. As far as Oasis class I have 3 booked within the next year. . Navigator I feel is going to simply be a matter of do I want to b2b cruise to the same ports or drop that ship from my list unless the itineraries change.
  9. I don't know the statistics but I know my husbands family always books back to back on the shorter sailings. I think it would be interesting to see how many people would start that habit as well if short cruises were to become the only option.
  10. I booked 4 cruises all after May 29th this year so trust me.......... "Never" isn't in my vocabulary
  11. See my issue with the logic of shorter cruises is you can always book back to back so why would the initial cruise length matter? I could get on one ship and then get off and go get on another going to even more countries and surrounding myself with an entirely different staff and clientele. But I guess I will save this rant for a different board lol. I get what you are saying though!
  12. I saw all of the amplifications and that's what made me want a longer cruise . 4 nights isn't enough to experience the whole ship at a leisurely pace in my opinion. I know I can book a back to back but I have no interest in paying for the same cruise twice especially back to back. I guess I will just keep my fingers crossed.
  13. I want to sail on Navigator but by the time I will have that cruise booked I will have already been to the Bahamas quite a few times. My question is will Navigator ever have longer sailings with different itineraries? I know I can book a back to back and get a week long cruise but I do not want to go to the same ports twice. Any thoughts?
  14. Then I guess I will need to request that the new Icon class ships all have rockets attached to them.
  15. I agree with we will just have to wait and see... We are keeping our fingers crossed for our Symphony sailing
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