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  1. Hey All, for the last 2 years I've been following along and preparing for our 15th wedding anniversary cruise. Then that little virus came and messed it all up, and so after 3 cancelled cruises, 2 vacations, a funeral, a motorhome, and countless home projects, we finally have this deal lined up. We'll be on a nice short little 3 day, Freedom of the Seas cruise Oct. 1. I checked into the Royal up site just to get an idea, and the option of the Grand Suite is there. So I have a personal Question, and then a larger open question. For us (2 people, second cruise ever, Honeymoon was the first and on NCL) does it make sense to try for a suite on Freedom for such a short trip. the minimum is 150pp up to 450. We're in a standard balcony room, and this cruise has already been ultra affordable (maybe around 1K total for both of us). I don't really see any advantage of upgrading through Royal up (no extra C&A points, not to mention it's our first RC anyway). It seems like all we would be getting is a bigger room, which doesn't really matter to us, and access to the limited suite lounge. Am I missing anything under the current circumstances? I already have an early check in time, and with crowds being presumably low, it just seems like a lot of the advantages on this boat are limited. Obviously on some of the other newer and bigger boats, the different levels of Suites may offer more options, but that kind of led me to the topic discussion. what are the current advantages of a suite, knowing that most sailings are going to be limited for a while. Also is there an article anywhere that really and easily lines out the levels of the suites and boats and what perks come with all of those individually? I've looked and I know YMMV on some of the options but, I feel like I've struggled to really put together a great understand of them all. ps this site has been invaluable over this time, the video's, the blog posts, the forums, seriously a ton of amazing information, so thank you all for helping on that.
  2. Just saw this come across. https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/princess-cruises-will-stop-all-operations-for-2-months-due-to-the-coronavirus
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