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  1. @FloskiI think you can go to the Calendar and it should show up within the first day or two. On my CP (the older version) there options to click either Modify / Cancel / Details. Alternatively you could always call
  2. Saved a whopping $6pp on a St. Lucia excursion, and $80 on a Labadee beach bungalow. Otherwise all the other excursions reverted to the prices they were before they were jacked up in anticipation of the "sale." Refreshment package is down though from $23 to $17 which makes it rather tempting!
  3. There are two versions of the cruise planner - the old one and a new one (your 2nd photo). Gradually the older look will be phased out as those cruises sail. If you click to go to the DBP page, does it show the price there?
  4. I'm guessing it's a spreadsheet given to travel agents
  5. We did a different Chichen Itza excursion, and yes, the time at the actual site is very limited. The bulk of the duration is transportation. We chose to still do the excursion because we knew this might be our only chance to visit. If you do opt to go, I would stick with an RC excursion for the security of knowing that you won't be on your own should the tour run late and potentially miss ship departure time. If I recall, there wasn't much of a buffer between the time the excursion was scheduled to return and when the ship left port - maybe only an hour or so.
  6. @IzzyBWe did a tour at Gumbalimba. The pool/beach/park are private on the same property so you will still be a bubble, though that bubble will be larger than your specific tour since there are multiple tour options there (ex: we did the zipine/park combo).
  7. I wouldn't pay more than $75 for Thrill Waterpark - it was fun but not $100 worth of fun for me. Haven't done the zipline at Cococay (only Labadee) or the Balloon, but from what I've heard/ read, the Balloon is frequently cancelled due to weather.
  8. $13 drinks will be covered with the drink package
  9. You should also tell your waitstaff that you're going to a show and they'll try to expedite service.
  10. I would recommend taking a screenshot of your twitter exchange, just in case there's an issue at check-in.
  11. My cruise planner items have been alternating between (2) sets of prices for the last 3-4 months. Each pricing seems to last a couple weeks then reverts to the other. Right now they're showing the higher prices but I expect they'll go down to the lower set soon. Hoping for even lower prices during the Black Friday sale!
  12. @smokeybanditI imagine you could call and see what flights / prices are available. The actual booking of the flights might have to be done by your agent.
  13. Glad she's been found. Would have made for interesting news if she had gotten lost in the Bermuda Triangle
  14. Yes, all entertainment reservations have been required to be made onboard since the restart.
  15. Ours was about $90pp for our last cruise with Allianz' TripAssist Choice Plan. We typically only put the value of the non-refundable items (mostly just cruise fare & flights). We book refundable pre-cruise hotels and shore excursions/ cruise planner items are generally cancel-able so there isn't much else that we might need to be reimbursed for.
  16. Matt posted about this on the home page: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/11/01/royal-caribbean-adds-validation-covid-19-vaccine-card-photo-uploads-app
  17. I've purchased an Allianz policy for our last cruise. Booked it through AAA which was slightly discounted than through their own website.
  18. And depending on the ship/ activity, I believe you can sign the waivers via the TV in your stateroom
  19. I think our turnaround was only a day, maybe two - but we also booked only a week in advance so I'm not sure how helpful our experience is. (I am assuming you've check the spam/junk folders?)
  20. Yep, there is sales tax at least on purchased drinks (I believe beverages received using the drink packages are excluded). But I haven't heard of excursions being taxed. It could be a case of the New vs. Old Cruise Planner layout. The old CP has gratuity included in the listed prices. The new CP prices are not inclusive of gratuity, and rather it's added once the item is in the cart.
  21. Or he can add flavored hydration tablets to water, like Nuun or Liquid IV
  22. Have you considered flying out of a different Italian airport? There should definitely be more direct routes out of Rome or Milan, and those are easy train rides from Bologna.
  23. I agree with @Plumlee2028and @WAAAYTOOO's reviews. We had so much fun the first time, that we chose the Champagne Catamaran excursion again on our 2nd trip to St. Thomas. The crew was different the second time around, but still had the same fun atmosphere. Great snorkeling at St. Johns and very strong rum punch on the leg back to port. We also bought the "crew" shirts and its one our favorite souvenirs from any of our travels! (shirts were about $25-ish, cash only I think, FYI)
  24. Does MTD show up as a dining option? If it doesn't then you may need to verify with your travel agent/ Royal if you do indeed have MTD or traditional seating. It should not be too early for dining reservations on a December 2021 sailing.
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