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  1. I would go ahead and cancel anything you bought in the Cruise Planner now, and not wait for RC to cancel them automatically. I've found that I've gotten the refund(s) much quicker that way.
  2. You might be able to just go to Guest Services with everyone, and ask them to redistribute the OBC as you want.
  3. You could also get the 3-night package, and see what discounts are offered on board
  4. You can cancel up to 48hrs before sailing, or while onboard if you change your mind.
  5. @Cruise PirateThere are earlier opportunities to enter it too. Look for "Apply a promo code and exclusive rates discount" links on the first page and when you select how many guests (pre- room selection).
  6. That sounds like a fantastic itinerary!
  7. @sunset1031Harmony's escape room is on Deck 14 "Puzzle Break."
  8. My September sailing still has DBP+Voom as an option
  9. @TheMick424Yes, you can modify and/or cancel your reservations in the Cruise Planner
  10. @Floating FunLyft XL should fit your group just fine. Another option is to call the hotel and see if they have a car service they recommend.
  11. Sometimes this link will let you download the list of excursions for a particular sailing http://www.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/asr/buildSearch.do?componentType=shorex
  12. @FireFishIIwe use the plastic tag holders, they're great. But for the OP's concern about luggage getting lost, I mentioned the AirTags because you can pinpoint where they are if they were to be lost (or at least, on the ship vs. didn't make it onto the ship).
  13. Yes, it's available via the app, and on some ships at least, there are digital touchscreens (I think usually near the elevators) that have daily cruise compass information
  14. @burbuja0512If you're comfortable with the technology (I know not everyone is) you could place an AirTag or Tile inside the bags you hand over to the porters to better track them.
  15. You can definitely carry these on yourself, but staterooms may not be available until the afternoon so you would be carrying/rolling all of your bags with your around the ship until then.
  16. Also spa services and fitness classes
  17. We did a ziplining excursion (Loterie maybe?) in St. Maarten. We've done the Champagne Catamaran sailing through RC twice now in St. Thomas.
  18. For Icy Strait Point we've booked a whale watching excursion through Alaska Shore Excursions. In Skagway we're doing the round-trip White Pass Railroad - though it will be abbreviated, since the train will stop at the border instead of crossing into Canada, as KathyC mentioned.
  19. Alcoholic (and possibly non-alcoholic too) beverages purchased at a port stop are held by RC when you reboard the ship. They'll get delivered to your room the final night of the sailing.
  20. There are lots of threads on here that have recommended buying extra tests for this exact reason.
  21. Yes, reservations for shows can only be made once you are on the ship
  22. The OBC we got for using the FCC took almost two weeks to show up
  23. I received an email last night that our September sailing's White Pass Railway and Motor Coach tour was being modified "so that guests will now take a roundtrip train that remains within the U.S.". No mention of a partial refund or price adjustment, so we decided to cancel that excursion, and book the roundtrip train excursion offered on the Cruise Planner since it's about $10 cheaper than the "modified" excursion for the exact same thing.
  24. Thank you @Johnstewarthand @nova_gal. I got that same email last night about our White Pass Railway & Motor Coach Tour excursion. Disappointing, but I guess we'll just rebook the train-only option. Hopefully that one also doesn't get altered.
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