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  1. Is it better to prepay the gratuities or is the price the same at the end of cruise, someone told me the price could be more money at end of cruise, is that true?
  2. I was told you cant use OBC to pay for prepaid gratuities, and that was coming from someone from Royal when I canceled my deluxe drink package and repurchased for cheaper, so now Im confused!
  3. how about a travel steam iron- I think I used to bring them and had no problem, I haven't sailed in a long while but will try this September and bring it again .
  4. going on Harmony in a few months so I wanted to know do you bring cash into casino and use that like for slots but how would you get rated? or do you have to use your sea pass and put into machines ?
  5. can you use the OBC from the Royal card they give you to pay for the gratuities?
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