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  1. It is just that I bought the tag holders with the wire hangers from Amazon last July and spent 3 hours looking for them yesterday. Now, I have nothing to put in them! 😜😄
  2. So we fly to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow for our 12/5 cruise on Independence of the Seas. We did online check-in and have our Set Sail Pass, but luggage tag keeps saying "processing, check back later". We called RCI and the guy said '"you have to call your travel agent for that" (which I thought was ridiculous) and of course our travel agent said "Oh, no,no,no,no. It will be there when you print your set sail pass." Wrong again. Now what?
  3. With the latest sale, the ATV tour to Jade Cavern is the same price at $79, everywhere else is higher. Expedia says cancel up to the day before the tour. What is the RCL policy? Advice on which way to jump?
  4. Opened the latest email from RCI and it had a chart of what is covered on Deluxe Beverage Plan. No Kraken on the list! Wait...what????
  5. Well, sounds like that is a good plan for some things, but I LOVE binges. This week my husband and I have watched the first 2 seasons of ALONE on History channel again.
  6. Vacations to Go has a 90 day ticker that updates when prices drop. You might want to give that a look.
  7. So, is Indy a card that can be punched?
  8. AJK


    We have an interior Promenade View room on Indy. Fingers crossed it has cold air!
  9. How cool can you make the cabin at night? We usually sleep at 67-70F. And has anyone used the battery powered fans? I sleep with a small fan blowing directly on me at night.
  10. First time cruiser here. Would this type of lanyard work? https://www.amazon.com/KEYLION-Retractable-Carabiner-Waterproof-Resealable/dp/B07CSNVHHZ/ref=sr_1_46?crid=1RU8BH7IAXD7Z&keywords=cruise+retractable+lanyard&qid=1563549537&s=gateway&sprefix=cruise+retractabl%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-46
  11. Dec 5, 2019 Independence of the seas. 1st cruise.
  12. Sp basically, don't sweat it. Gotcha.
  13. I've been watching tons of YouTube videos and found conflicting information about the dlx drink package. Some are saying all of the specialty cocktails are priced above what the package covers, some are just saying the bartender ring it up no charge. Does this vary by ship, bartender, phase of the moon? We are on the Independence, and one of the reasons I bought it is to try several different liquors or cocktails that I have never had. Anyone know how it goes on Indy?
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