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  1. I found it much better to purchase Euros thru my local bank here in the US. Then last evening of cruise I used what I had left to pay my shipboard charges . We did a 7 day cruise departing rom the UK (pounds) one day in Germany, two days in the Netherlands (2 ports) and two days in France. We changed $500.00 in Euros prior to leaving and had around $375.00 left
  2. Hope you bought travel insurance. I knew better but yielded to relatives pressure to fly the same day as cruise. Straight flight from Seattle to London ,arriving at 6AM. We arrived at airport early and were in the queue when I received email from airlines our flight was delayed 8hrs. fortunately we had RC insurance and they rescheduled on another airlines. Long story short ,we made it but were one of the last to board. Lucky, panic ,rushed just not worth it
  3. Just did a cruise with iPhone X ,Osmo Moble 3, DLSR and Osmo Pocket. all worked great, of course bests pic were with DLSR. I used the DLSR and iPhone the most. Osmo pocket is great but strongly suggest you practice a lot with it before hand. other expenses to consider with the Osmo pocket are Wheel, Extension rod and lenses
  4. Keep it simple, small and good stabilization . Get a DJI Osmo mobile 3 for your phone
  5. Just did a cruise out of Southampton 3 weeks ago. Flying into Heathrow is very very easy now, zero wait time. As of last summer US residents can now just scan their passports upon arrival. check out the videos at Heathrow international airport. Check out the "London. Tool Kit" it will give you ideas about transportation. Be ready to do a lot of walking and climbing stairs in London. We stayed at the Grosvenor Victoria Hotel, very nice and well located hotel (4 star). As mentioned by others hotels are much smaller than in the US and not very old people or handicap friendly. Staff at the hotel is excellent and will be happy to help with bags or anything else. The hotel has and entrance in to the Victoria Train Station so you don't even have to go outside. Victoria Coach station (Bus) is a three block walk. We used International Friends for a 3 night post cruise tour pkg Disembarkation in Southampton couldn't be easer, Walk off, grab your bags and walk out. no customs or border control. don't know if that will change with Brexit. Go Seahawks
  6. On a recent cruise aboard The Explorer of the Seas we found the food at the Windjammer to be fair at best. Its been a few years since our last cruise and hope that this was a fluke
  7. The Key sounds like it might be a really good deal for some. Do your research. Recently cruised out of Southampton on the Explorer of the Seas. Heard the embarkation lunch was great ( we were late). October in the English Channel the key gave no advantage as very few people were outside for those activities. Priority seating at shows was no better than general admission. Disembarkation day breakfast was ok but slow and in Southampton there are no customs so you walk off with everyone else. On this particular cruise, the Key was a waste but that doesn't mean it would b e for every cruises
  8. Recently on the Explorer off the Seas. Their drink cup order did not come in so the gave us some really cheap disposable cups (unsatisfactory) Cut the chip out of the bottom and used it with regular glass, worked fine however freestyle machines were down half the time. Easy to use your sea pass card at any bar
  9. I used them to: secure ship provided extension cord to ceiling for my CPAP, hang coat, bathrobe , daypack, over the door organizer, and binoculars
  10. If you don't have a TA then for any questions call the Cruise Planner 800 number
  11. Concur with everyone . Well shipmate looks like your a skimmer now
  12. As already stated make you reservations ahead of time. We did everything we wanted to and saw every show. Need to prioritizes what you what to do, Our number #1 was to see all the shows and entertainment, so we only did early dinning in the MDR and it worked out for us. Read the cruise compass daily.
  13. Thank you. I did the special needs request and I also ordered 15 ' ac power cord to replace the 6 footer that came with my CPAP. I your opinion do you think the 15 foot power cord will be long enough to eliminate the extension cord?
  14. Bad experience with travel agent on first cruise, so I've since done it on my own. Wish I would have known about MEI
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