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  1. If you don't have a TA then for any questions call the Cruise Planner 800 number
  2. Concur with everyone . Well shipmate looks like your a skimmer now
  3. As already stated make you reservations ahead of time. We did everything we wanted to and saw every show. Need to prioritizes what you what to do, Our number #1 was to see all the shows and entertainment, so we only did early dinning in the MDR and it worked out for us. Read the cruise compass daily.
  4. Thank you. I did the special needs request and I also ordered 15 ' ac power cord to replace the 6 footer that came with my CPAP. I your opinion do you think the 15 foot power cord will be long enough to eliminate the extension cord?
  5. Bad experience with travel agent on first cruise, so I've since done it on my own. Wish I would have known about MEI
  6. Traveling oversea not all airlines recognize the ADA in regards to CPAP machines, so I usually put mine in checked baggage. Just wondering if anyone else has every put their CPAP in checked baggage? If so , any problems being called to the naughty room upon embarkation/debarkation?
  7. Thank you for the info on the CPAP power cord (just ordered one) was dreading the "Orange Extenstion Cord"
  8. Thank you. After thinking about it I think you are absolutely correct. It would be bummer If the crew didn't have means to exchange currency. Ship departs UK= Ponds, 4 ports= Euros, ship arrives in Miami in 3 weeks=dollars.
  9. I know it's fine to tip Porters, housekeeping , MDR staff, bartenders and even local tourist guides in US dollars in the Caribbean. Is it acceptable to tip extra in US dollars while cruising out of the UK and EU?
  10. All the above is good advice, but its really depends on you. Do you want to pay off your sea pass card before departing? Starbucks, Johnny Rockets? Do gamble or what to play bingo? Do you want to buy some of the pictures they will be taking of you? Are you going to buy anything onboard ( sundries, booze, bottled wine, art ect) Do you plan to buy anything while in port?
  11. Like to know the answer to that myself. We are booked on the 10 hour tour to Paris departing at 12:20 and arriving back at10:20. It will be interesting if all 8 tours into Paris depart within the first 30 minutes of docking
  12. Received and email from Royal Caribbean that our arrival time in La Havre (Paris) would be delayed by 2 hours due to speed restrictions. Ive read that France has proposed to the International Maritime Organization a plan to set a lower Cruise Ship speed limit to reduce greenhouse emissions . Does anyone know if the IMO has adopted it, or is it just the French https://www.thetimes.co.uk › article › cruise-liners-may-face-speed-limit-to-c...
  13. Oh no, I did not see this before and don't know if you have already cruised. We did Chichen Itza, definite buckle list and well worth it. Yes its long drive (on a horrible bus)and not a lot of time at site. Our tour guide was very knowledgable but preferred to let everyone sleep on the long ride out there. Once there he began to talk and talk and talk, fortunate I had read a lot about it before hand so we broke lose of the tour and explored on our own I was in the US Navy for 23 years and we travel abroad every year but Chichen Itza tops the list for me
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