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  1. Haha Yes I would much much prefer to fly in a day early. However as a family of 4, it added a considerable amount to the flights (plus hotel) to fly in on a Saturday instead of Sunday. I'm certainly not driven entirely by the dollar signs (given what we're spending on the cruise) but it's a factor.
  2. I agree completely Lol The flights are higher flying in on Saturday plus the cost of a hotel room. Family of 4. But all of that is a moot point if we miss the ship!
  3. Thank you! Cruise is April 12-18 on Empress. So sounds like we're OK?
  4. Hey guys! We are getting ready to hit BOOK on our first Royal Caribbean cruise. We are flying in from Virginia to Fort Lauderdale and the ship is leaving from Miami. Airfare is half as much to land in Ft Lauderdale and Uber to the Miami port (45 mins). Our flight lands in Ft Lauderdale at 0951, so assuming all runs on time and we grab the Uber without issue and no traffic, we should be to Miami around 11am. Is this okay? Are we leaving too much to chance? THANKS!
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