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  1. Has anyone else noticed how many folks are coming after the cruise industry right now. It is almost like they smell blood in the water. I don't feel like other vacation industries illicit such a strong response. What do you think it is? Why are so many people attacking the cruise industry right now? And, how does one respond to their spouse who is starting to question whether or not to cruise any longer as a result?
  2. We're only 3 weeks out, now! Very excited. We have our shows booked, and researching "on our own" activities in San Juan and St. Thomas. My partner and I were also wondering whether there were LGBT meet ups? Where does one locate those?
  3. Is this still current? i.e., that Michele is the CD for Oasis now? I've been trying to find out who our CD will be in a couple weeks and there seems to be conflicting info.
  4. I'm sailing in 30 days and the wine tasting is not listed in my cruiseplanner. Can we only book it now when we board?
  5. We will be visiting Amiga Island in February and cannot wait!
  6. Thanks! part of the reason we want to buy it ahead of time vs. on the cruise is to spread out our vacation costs across a few different credit card cycles. I'll have to check out the redemption rules listed there.
  7. Question - I drink alcohol but my partner does not. Moreover, my partner tends to only drink water and some coffees so is not amenable to even the non-alcoholic drink package. Long story short, we won't be getting any drink packages but I will want to be buying drinks while onboard. Is there any way to "buy credit" before the cruise that I can use for getting drinks while on board? Basically, we'd like to spread out our purchases so that we're not hit all at once with a big bill when we get off the boat - i.e., trying to prepay for as much as we possibly can now. Since we won't be getting any drink packages, is there a way to pre-pay that now?
  8. Do they have gingerbeer? I sometimes like mixing that with scotch and citris.
  9. I know that the aqua show is somewhat subject to weather and water conditions. Any recommendations for which night to book the show? We're considering the 1st night out of Miami.... Risk of cancellation?
  10. WHOA! Great detective work! ? I'm going to have to read this through and through! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  11. A lot of folks posted on here - what did people think? Also - I cannot tell - some things I've read said that the times are not restrictive; i.e., that one can show up at whatever time they wish, not just the times that they booked. Is this true?
  12. Hey Wondering if anyone has additional experience with this. I saw it come up on our cruise planner and I"m trying to decide whether or not it is worth it. Also this is how it is described (see below). When I went to book it, I was only able to select 1 person (not both of us). The price saying "From $199.00 USD Adult AND that I could only select one member of our party (not both of us) made me worried it was 199 PER PERSON which would be FAR too expensive. Even at 200 for a couple it seems a bit much but I could see how it is worth it. Feedback appreciated! Thermal Suite Couples 7-Day Pass SPA FACILITY DURATION: 15 MINUTES Our Thermal Suite 7-day couples pass is a sensory experience where hot and cold fuse to… From*$199.00USD Adult when
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