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  1. WHOA! Great detective work! πŸ˜„ I'm going to have to read this through and through! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  2. A lot of folks posted on here - what did people think? Also - I cannot tell - some things I've read said that the times are not restrictive; i.e., that one can show up at whatever time they wish, not just the times that they booked. Is this true?
  3. Hey Wondering if anyone has additional experience with this. I saw it come up on our cruise planner and I"m trying to decide whether or not it is worth it. Also this is how it is described (see below). When I went to book it, I was only able to select 1 person (not both of us). The price saying "From $199.00 USD Adult AND that I could only select one member of our party (not both of us) made me worried it was 199 PER PERSON which would be FAR too expensive. Even at 200 for a couple it seems a bit much but I could see how it is worth it. Feedback appreciated! Thermal Suite Couples 7-Day Pass SPA FACILITY DURATION: 15 MINUTES Our Thermal Suite 7-day couples pass is a sensory experience where hot and cold fuse to… From*$199.00USD Adult when
  4. Hey Everyone! Cannot wait to cruise on Oasis come Feb 16. Question for you all (followed by a little preamble): I've been doing a ton of reading, watching videos, participating in any and every forum discussion - all to really get a good sense for what we'll want to do on the cruise. Only 7 days and there's no way we can do EVERYTHING on a ship like Oasis. Question: For those who have sailed on her in the past - on your first cruise on Oasis of the Seas, was there something you learned about at the END of the cruise that you wish you had done (or wish you had known about earlier?). Love learning from all you expert cruisers!
  5. Hey All I have a few questions about Celebrity. We just paid our deposit for our cruise and I've linked my reso on my cruise planner. With RCC the embarkation time is a suggestion. You can arrive earlier. AAAAND if you check in early and get your set sail pass everything is a breeze now. Is this process the same with Celebrity? Can we arrive early (and if so what time do folks recommend)? And are there options to check in ahead of time to get your passes? Want to make our embarkation process as smooth as possible and we're not familiar with the process on Celebrity. I went into the cruise planner and saw the thermal suit passes. I tried to get some but none were available. I think there are two possible reasons: (a) The passes have not gone on sale yet. or (b) The passes are actually sold out for now and we need to get them onboard. Do folks know if it is (a) or (b)? We opted for the select dining (any time dining) - I'm assuming that we can now book with the complimentary eating establishments. Is this the case? Any other tips for Celebrity that folks would recommend? OHHH we're on Edge, May 25. YAY
  6. We just booked our second cruise - also through Stephanie at MEI. Made it sooo easy and she provided us with great intel! It can all be overwhelming. THANK YOU to Stephanie and MEI. πŸ˜„
  7. Hey! I have LOVED RoyalCaribbeanBlog. I wonder whether there are similar resources dedicated to Celebrity? We're sailing on the Edge (booked through MEI Travel - THANKS STEPHANIE!!!!) and want to figure out the tips and tricks for it like those we've gathered for RCC.
  8. Whoa! I had no idea of those - the 10 drink cards or the drink of the day. Do they announce that in the compass?
  9. HAHAHA! No worries. I am sure we will. This has been incredibly helpful. I wasn't aware of all the wine options (still am not but am sure that I can find some that I like). We were on the fence re: the drink package, but my partner does not drink much - at all - and so we knew we wouldn't reach the 5 drinks per day over the course of the trip... maybe I would, but he certainly would not. *sigh. such is life. I wish they still had that wine package I was reading about.
  10. Thank you for the generous offer! I was wondering specifically about the reservations for the shows. I am a big Broadway show fan... and the aqua show looked AMAZING! - this was a significant draw for me to RCI. When you book the reservations do you get seats assigned? If it is rush seating how early do you need to arrive in order to get decent seats?
  11. EXCELLENT resources! I will need to read them this weekend. I wish it were already February!
  12. Thanks so much for this connection - and for the folks who are sailing right after Oasis' amplification. Incredibly helpful! πŸ˜„
  13. What a great topic! My partner and I are cruising... February 16, 2020 on Oasis of the Seas, leaving from Miami.
  14. Super helpful! Thanks for that. And 16-dollars-ish for a bottle is not bad from the MDR!
  15. Hi All My partner and I are traveling with his brother and sister-in-law on Oasis in Feb 2020 for his brother's 40th. Super excited. This is our first cruise and I'm trying to gobble up all I can learn on how to get the most of this experience. So excited! Also, we transferred our bookings over to MEI after we booked because I stumbled across this blog and read the amazing reviews. Thoughts, tips, etc. welcome on Oasis. And if anyone is also on that voyage, look us up!
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