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  1. So sorry to hear that Steve 😪 Your MEI rep sounds amazing though. I just checked their website just to take a look, and not sure I have the right one. It doesn't offer any quotes, I'd have to fill out the on-line form, is that correct?
  2. Thank you for the suggestion of WeChat! I read some of the critical reviews on the app review page, and concerned about the problems users are having though? I have a specific plan that unfortunately doesn't allow me to take part in an $8/day roaming plan. The cheapest plan for me (Canada) is $30/month for US Roaming Pass: Talk & Text. I think I'll have to stick with finding free WiFi. Thanks! I wish we had cheaper plans in Canada 😥
  3. Hello everyone, just thought I'd add that I tried the WhatsApp to text a tour operator in San Juan from Canada and it worked. I was a bit apprehensive, but I made sure I was in airplane mode with WiFi on. I am curious though, when I'm in port and need to get a hold of the tour operator and there is no WiFi available, then I'm not sure how I could contact them. Same with when we're in Orlando and may need to contact the shuttle service. I don't think everyone has the WhatsApp?
  4. @Rob&Ana - thanks for your response. Gone are the days of midnight buffets 😥 I'm not sure how much variety or replenishment there would be near closing time. We rarely went to the WJ at dinner time, but will be interested to see what the theme nights offer this time.
  5. Why does the WJ close so early? On the RCI app and a recent cruise compass the hours are 5:30 pm - 8:45 pm. Our dining time is 5 pm, and we prefer the early shows at 7:30, 8 or 8:30 pm ... hubby is going to have a hard time doing recon in the WJ, unless we go right after the MDR 🤔 (I'd better pack some alka seltzer 😂 )
  6. Good day everyone! Just wanted to say it would be nice to get an email alert - on pins and needles here 😂
  7. Thank you for taking the time to share your review. A few questions: How early can you arrive and embark? Did you mention you walked around San Juan, went back to the ship for lunch, then got back off to walk around again? How early did you arrive at the shows to get a good seat? In the past, we lined up 30-45 minutes, but I'm not sure of Harmony? Thanks!
  8. Hi @TJ! - lost track of this post but I think you meant to send it to @PRebecca who is located in Florida. I'm from Canada 🙂
  9. Thank you both for the reminder!
  10. This is what I found for the themed nights in the WJ, but note this can change as well as the order of the MDR menus. When you said spicy food night, did you mean Indian night? They'll also be listed on your cruise compass. Day 1: Grill Day 2: Crepes/Italian Day 3: Indian Day 4: Caribbean Day 5: Mexican Day 6: Mixed Grill/Crepes Day 7: Mongolian Hope this helps.
  11. We'll be flying in on a weekend! Thanks for the info! Looks like you have all your bases covered! I have several hotels in mind, so I'm going to do the same thing! I wrote them all in my excel planner with reminders on my phone too! Great idea! Thanks!
  12. We filled our stainless steel water bottles that we brought from home, with ice and water from wherever we happened to eat breakfast before heading out for excursions. Back then, our ice bucket in our room was refilled twice a day, but I believe they don't provide that service anymore. Yes, there are signs posted not to place your water bottle anywhere near the spouts, and there were staff watching as well (good job!)! I do recall when we went through the check point to get back on the ship, we had to empty the bottles.
  13. Oh no worries, thank you for taking the time to look! I hope you are able to find them for yourself though!
  14. Fantastic, thanks for the tips. The cruise and flights are eating up our budget, so we'll definitely have to track prices. Wow 6 times! I'm in 😂 👍👍👍 Awesome! Thanks again Matt, much appreciated 😁😊 I have two hotels in mind right now, and my hubby likes one near Cocoa Beach. It would be wise to book a few (refundable) to lock in at least, then watch the rates as you and others have suggested!
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