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  1. Thanks! I found them at Walmart.ca https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/DISINFECTING-WIPES-OXIVIR-TB-160-COUNT/PRD4R88V768EBJ1 Thanks a lot!
  2. I wasn't able to locate them on Amazon for Canada, but I did find them at our local Staples. Pricey at $11.99, but they are fragrance free. Good choice Samantha! https://bit.ly/2RbsFUX
  3. Is it a problem to bring them in our carry on? I like to wipe the surface areas down when flying too. Which ones did you order Samantha? I use Amazon.ca (Canada), so I wasn't sure what brand? I can't use the Clorox brand since I have sensitivities. Actually, I Googled it myself, but still couldn't get an indication of what @mworkman used it for? I don't think @Samantha Waisman dated herself at all. I love Google, but in this case, I'm just as perplexed 🙂
  4. Are there any differences between these two luggage tags, other than the size? They both fit RCI and Celebrity tags. 8 pack $12.99: https://amzn.to/2rK5g2p 4 pack $12.99: https://amzn.to/2O8HjJA
  5. I was just thinking last night (yeah, I can't sleep from the excitement) that I need to wear my watch. I never wear one, but I don't want to whip out my cell phone to constantly check the time when we're on a self-guided excursion. Great minds think alike! 😁
  6. Thanks, but I will need some before I get on the ship (shuttle driver, porter ..). Thanks for the tip about the casino cashier, very helpful when the lines are long at GS. I think we brought $100 last time, I can't remember. Thank you! Just the two of us, thanks. We're not doing any excursions this time around (I don't think so), but thanks for the reminder in case we change our minds! Awww, thanks so much!!! We're beyond excited! You're too kind 🙂
  7. I just noticed your location ... lol I will check it out, thanks!
  8. Hello everyone! Approx how many $1 USD will I need? I know this is dependent on how we'll tip, but just a ball park. I figure if we need more, I can go to guest services, but I'm going to my bank today (I'm in Canada). Shuttle driver from rental car to port on embarkation day Porters at embarkation Porters at debarkation Shuttle driver from port to airport Tips for an occasional drink on board Tips for one specialty dining (over and above) I have $5 & $10 for additional tips for staff on board on top of gratuities already Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I'm in Canada, and I haven't seen them at our local Dollar store. $3 is a bargain! That's a great idea 😁 Thanks again!
  10. Thanks @S0nny! For the multi-pocket organizer, did you mean something like this one? https://amzn.to/34w08wO If so, it's in my Amazon cart 😁
  11. Oh, I didn't know that! Thank you! LOL, thank you. Much appreciated!
  12. Thanks for the links, much appreciated! I think we'll get the heavy duty ones, so our things don't start to slide off the wall ...lol Thank for the link on the clips! Our packing list is getting so long ....lol Much appreciated too! I started off thinking ... how will the towels get dry when I'm hanging them on the wall??? Then I saw a picture of someone hanging them from the "ceiling" - brilliant ... lol Thanks for the tips!
  13. Thanks for the tip, I'll skip the dollar store ones. I think one pack will suffice. We got by without them for our previous cruise, so this will just be a "nice to have" purchase. Thank you! Thanks for sharing! I'm in Canada, but thank you 🙂
  14. Did you mean yes as in you found them at the Dollar store? Wow, that's very creative! Thanks, we're on a budget and this cruise is getting pricey!!! I'm going to look at our local dollar store and hardware store in Canada first. I'll check out the luggage tags too. Thank you Andrew! Those look very sturdy! Thank you, but I'm in Canada, so I would incur quite a bit in US exchange, duty and shipping. I'll be sure and get good quality heavy ones .. thanks for the tip!
  15. Thanks for your feedback. We were thinking of booking again, but we don't stay up that late, even on vacation ...we get up super early. On our first cruise, we enjoyed the show, but struggled to keep awake 😴
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