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  1. We're returning our rental car to Hertz before embarking. Is this screen shot correct - the closest gas station to 8963 Astronaut Blvd seems to be north, where the red pointer says "ENTERPRISE?" Hope you can see my screen shot clearly! Thanks!
  2. I read this tip here before, but I'm still not understanding it. If we're on deck 10 and need to get to the deck where we disembark, we'll go up? Up as in deck 11 or 12? LOL, I'd like to hear how it works? Our cruise is in a few weeks and I'm getting jittery too! The good thing is you have some time to choose. Our first cruise, we left our luggage outside our door, and worried about it. We couldn't locate one of our luggage in the cruise port, but eventually found it. I think we're going to try self-assist this time around. Enjoy your cruise!!! What time did you leave the ship?
  3. Hello everyone! I'm sending our itinerary to family members and found this link. The number is for family members to call us just in case there is an extreme emergency. We will check our phones if there is free WiFi while in ports, but thought this would be helpful. We won't have any data plans or roaming since my plan is very pricey. I will also give out my TextNow number, but again, it will only work if/when we have free WiFi. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/onboard-phone-call-services Any thoughts? Thank you!
  4. Ooops typo there. I bet RC would be over the moon if we spent that much ... 🤣 Thanks Ashley!
  5. Thanks for posting! Did you do a video for each day? Just wondering if any other videos are attached, or they show up automatically after viewing Day 1?
  6. Ah, the first two pages, got it. Great idea about saving the doc to our tablet. I have our set sail passes, thank you! I went back in and edited my check in and I was able to see the account set up. I didn't see it previously! Would you please explain how the cash account works. I read on RCI that there is no deposit required, and the spend is $500 USD. We won't be spending nearly that amount. We'll settle the bill on our last day, since Day 7 is a port day. Is it as simple as that? Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything? We were able to print our luggage tags in color, they're ready to go. I thought we'd do a test with regular black/white first, so we don't mess up our colored copies. Thanks!
  7. I'm about 3 weeks out and logged into my RC account to see if I have everything done. I saw a link for our eDocs. 1/ It's 17 pages long, do I need to print it out (if so, I can do double sided) 2/ When will they ask for me to fill out the credit card info (I'm doing a cash account)? I don't see it anywhere in my account yet? 3/ For the cash account, do I have to put anything done in advance? Thanks!
  8. Excellent tips, thank you. With everything going on the morning of, we may forget to put our phones on airplane mode! I'm having a hard time finding water shoes since I have wide feet 😞 We won't be going to the casino, but very good idea! I was thinking the same thing about our cruise luggage tags ... put on when we check out of our hotel 😁 I looked for this several times and can't find it in my area (Toronto ... Winners, HomeSense, etc). It definitely is good to have, especially since this time around, we chose the bed to be closer to the bathroom 🤣
  9. Aww, thanks so much Ashley. The planning has been stressful, but I'm sure it will be all worth it. So grateful for your help and everyone here! Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you! I have a stack of US $1 bills when I did our currency exchange. Thank you! Ugh, Canada Post used to offer this service free, now they charge for it. Yes, I have a family member who will check our mail box, no pets, but thank you about the trash. Thankfully our garbage pick up is on a Wednesday, and our flight is on a Friday! So much to do!
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