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  1. Hello everyone, I will be sailing the 2nd of January on the Independence of the Seas. Im pretty excited but have a couple questions! also, if any of you has any type of advice/tip ill be more than happy to read you. so 1. I have been reading about the dress codes and I wanted to know if for dinner (My time dining), is it really not allowed to wear shorts or unsleeved shirts? if so, are skirts allowed? and 2. what do you recommend to do while at the stops ( in Cozumel and George Town) 3. What restaurants are included (on the ships initial fare)? 4. Can I order drinks like lemonades, water, etc at bars? or just alcoholic drinks can be found? thanks. As said before, even if you don't have the answer to these questions id be happy to receive any suggestion in regard to the cruising experience!!
  2. hello everyone! I will be on board of the Independence of the Seas on January 2, starting from Fort Lauderdale. I will be traveling with both my two daughters which are 18 and 19. I was wondering what activities they can do since they are not allowed anymore in the teens club. Can they join us for the clubs and discos? or what can they do. I will be waiting for your response, and wanting to know your experiences in regard to this topic. ?
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