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  1. We are going to Havana on the Empress in a few weeks. What do we need to know or what should we do?
  2. is there a place to iron your clothes or can you bring an iron with you.
  3. Get on youtube and the internet and search cruise hacks. You will find all kind of good information.
  4. Galveston port primarily. Has anyone ever seen someone carry a box fan through security. I have a friend that can't live without a fan and just wondered if he can bring his own in case the stewards can't find him one.
  5. Does anyone know if the Liberty has a game room with good board games?
  6. I bet its the same. Id like to see it. I had one from the navigator but lost it. I wanted to show my friend that is about to go with me on the liberty.
  7. Mid ship low is always the best for motion sickness. It also depends on the time of year you sail. If it's nice weather you won't feel anything anywhere.
  8. Does anyone have a picture of the large beer menu from the pub on the liberty?
  9. Do you know if the alcohol packages cover beers in the pub?
  10. What should we do on the Liberty that we might not think of or might not even know existed?
  11. What exactly do they consider priority boarding for GOLD members. Gold really isnt that high so do you really get any special boarding? I am porting out of Galveston.
  12. Has anyone had any luck with walkie talkies working on board any ships? What brand would you recommend. I just was wondering if they would work from a room to a deck, or if they only work if both parties are out on the lido deck. Maybe even if they worked room to room???? Anything helps.
  13. Can you bring a 12 pack of soda on the liberty out of Galveston?
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