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  1. Actually needing a lawyer isn’t always the case. Sometimes having the power the word on social media, and many people posting the same complaints can be enough.
  2. My initial response last night was ? but now I’ve slept on it, I’m annoyed. ok I didn’t book because of the perks, but as I see it, they were included as part of the room details. And $50 isn’t near to the true value of them. As I’m in the EU, I’ve been trying to see if there’s something in that they needed to replace that part with equivalent or higher value but it’s tricky to navigate all the rules. (Plus I have a life....)
  3. Hi all! New to the forum here. We-re heading off on our 2nd cruise in July 2020, but it'll be 9 years since our first so we're a little rusty. My question is about water. I know that tap water is ok to drink, but what do others do when wanting water on your excursions? Do you take empty refillable bottles onboard with you to fill up, to then take off the ship on excursions? Is that even allowed? Or do we need to buy bottled water? I'm not considering the drinks packages at the moment because I can't drink that much alcohol to make it worth my while (or parent responsibly) and the whole one has it, so every has it rule doesn't work as my husband is near T-total. So I'm really looking at solutions outside of the drinks package.
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