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  1. I leave Friday 8/23 for my first cruise. I live in Baltimore and the ship leaves from New Jersey. We have to be on the ship by 11am. We had planned to leave by 6:30am Friday morning, is that enough time? Does anyone know how th drive from Baltimore to Jersey is? Any advise is appreciated? Help I am stressing!!
  2. We leave in 12 days for our first cruise on Adventure of the Sea. I order a over the door shoe organizer from organizer and the hooks for over the door are only 1 1/2 inches. Does anyone know if that is going to fit over the door so we can organize as I am going planned and hoped? Thanks
  3. Are all the evening shows and things first come first serve or can you make reservations (hold seats)?
  4. Does Adventures of the Sea have adjustable thermostats for each cabin? Also, I leave August 23 for a 8 night cruise to the Bahamas, I will be on level 6 at the very front of the ship. Should I purchase a small fan to keep cool or to drown out sound? Thanks
  5. Does the sea pass card come with a case/holder? To clip on a lanyard
  6. Hi. Does the letter have to say anything else? Anything about food, excursions or anything, medical treatment or any other activities on the ship? Do you have a copy minus names of what your letter said? We are leaving from NJ not Baltimore and I’m afraid we are going to be missing something and they will not let us board the ship thanks
  7. I have 8 dinnerreservations, I was wondering what time most shows and activities started at night? Will my 8pm dinner get in the way of evening activies on the ship? Should I change them? We want to be able to enjoy all the shows and things they offer at night but not sure what time then generally start as this is our first cruise.
  8. I leave for my first cruise in August with my 15 year old niece. We are trying to plan ahead and make sure we have everything covered. Other then clothes what types of things do we need that we could never think of? For the cruise cabin,? ship? excursions? etc? Please throw everything and anything at us, we want to be prepared and ready to have the time of our lives and have everything covered, but we have NEVER done anything like this. HELP US Thanks EVERYONE
  9. I booked the one with the word swim & If was $600 for the 2 of us! But I just wanted more input. Thanks
  10. I have my first cruise on Adventure by the Sea in August. I’m trying to decide which Dolphin excursion to book. There is a VIP Blue Lagoon island swim with dolphins & beach day. Also a regular Blue lagoon island swim & beach day. There is I believe a third one. Which one have people done & recommend?!? What did you do with the dolphins? Like all informatative or hands on
  11. I am going on my first cruise in August & just booked my excursions. Is it possible to get a price adjustment if the go on sale/special? If so what would I do? Thanks
  12. I have my first cruise with my niece this summer. We are thinking about getting the drink package, ( non alcoholic)so she can enjoy non alcoholic drinks, soda & Frappuccinos? And me coffee drinks are non alcoholic drinks and fraps included? We will be on Adventure by the sea thanks
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