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  1. Hello all. Quick question, We are Sailing on the Serenade of the Sears on Dec. 30th. Do they have caffeine free diet coke? If not my wife will bring her own to go in her brandy! ? Thank you.
  2. Does anyone know if Serenade of the Seas have spin bikes in the gym? One of my wife’s bucket list items is spinning looking out at the sea. Our first cruise is booked on Serenade of the Seas!
  3. Yea, that’s a big difference. Maybe because it is 7 days vs. 11. Takes more “dedication” ? to get your moneys worth for 11 days!! ??? But I’ll be up for the challenge!
  4. I just did it today. Our very first cruise. Thanks to reading these blogs I already saved $$. Bought the DDP for $55 last week for the 11 day cruise on Dec. 30th. Today it was $51. Doesn’t seem like much but for two people 11 nights plus the 18% I saved $103.84. Just canceled and repurchased. I’ll continue to watch especially on Black Friday, thanks to Cobra614 above!
  5. I ordered and already received the tag holders. Thanks for all of the great advise.
  6. WOW! What a quick response. Thank you all. I just ordered the bag tags.? We will be flying in a day ahead of the cruise. I had planned on getting the deluxe drink package so thanks for the tip about buying it and watching for a sale. All great advise. Thank you. We hope to become regular cruisers!
  7. Hello all. My wife and I are taking our first cruise. Late bloomers so to speak. Both in early 60's. We are going with a few other family members. Sailing on Dec. 30th for 11 days in the Southern Caribbean aboard Serenade of the Seas. We have a large balcony room. I have read on blogs that your first cruise should be a short one to make sure it is something we like. That didn't happen. Anyone go on the New Years cruise? What can we expect? We are very active and like to have a good time in everything we do. Thank you for any advise you care to share.
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