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  1. They started our pool at our new house in November. All inspections completed from the frame, now waiting or the weather to cooperate so they can do the concrete. I had a pool at my other house and missed it when we moved back in MAY. Cannot wait for it to be complete!
  2. Keep in mind when you do a Lift and Shift are then locked into the cancellation penalties you are currently under. Also, you can only Lift and Shift ONE time.
  3. Have one already set for 2021. People are ready to travel. Lots of interest in All Inclusive resorts right now. Hoping that 2021 is in fact the YEAR of TRAVEL!!
  4. We do this all the time. I get the 4 device plan and share it with the kids.
  5. Guest Services or the Casino. Have a Great Cruise!
  6. If you aren't paid in full, I would wait to use it. If another offer comes out that's a better deal and doesn't include an OBC, it will fall off. You'll have 24 hours to make payment on the cruise planner to keep your purchase from cancelling.
  7. It depends on the type of On-board credit. On-board credits from Travel Agents are Refundable. On-board credits as part of a promotion (Ship Credit sales, WOW sales, On-board bookings) are usually non-refundable. Hope this helps!
  8. We do setup groups in advance to secure lower rates. Group rates are typically lower than the regular rates offered by Royal Caribbean.
  9. Group rates and group deposits can be a little less. If we have a group setup for a date for instance for a 7 night cruise the deposit is $500 in the group no matter how many people are in the cabin (Versus $250 per person if a regular booking).
  10. They typically go out after final payment. Timing varies based on availably for the ship. Good Luck!
  11. There is no harm in asking upfront what the OBC will be. I personally put it in all my quotes. It does vary based on ship, sail date, category, etc. Since the OBC's are coming from me directly and not from my agency, I try to take all factors into account.
  12. Passports are not required however they are recommended. If you don't have passports, you'll need certified copies of their birth certificates.
  13. The vouchers for On-board credits can be combined with Crown and Anchor discounts.
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