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  1. Thanks all - I went ahead and booked the British Colonial. Just what I wanted.
  2. I did search back a few pages I promise! Allure diverted and screwed up our itinerary. (Like a lot of folks! LOL) So we're headed to Nassau. Just my wife and I ... looking for a nice beach to spend some time on...a drink or two and maybe restaurants nearby. She likes to shop. Not a fan of taxi's if I can avoid it.. don't mind walking if it's safe. I'm 60 so water parks not really my thing! Any Recommendations? I'm really open for anything you enjoyed. If it's a casual way to spend the day and no hassle... I'm in! I'm not that rich so Atlantis kinda scares me... LOL! TIA Don
  3. Your quote - " But if you monitor prices you will soon learn that Royal has a loose definition of a sale." I find that exactly. BOGO? - 20% off? - 30% off? - all marketing gimmicks. It's all in the wording! I find it best to ignore that hype and just watch the price itself. Been monitoring for the past 9 months and it never deviates +/- $5 to $10 bucks per day each sale. LOL! Waiting for that BIG "sale".. every bit counts!
  4. So sorry for asking this... I DID try doing a search! I remember in one of the videos there was an RC email address to request seating for two dining preference. Could someone refresh my memory on that address and when I should send this request? (We sail in January) HAHA my first post on this forum! Don
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