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  1. @USCG Teacher thank you so much
  2. @Zacharius and @SpeedNoodles thank you. This will be my first Royal Caribbean Cruise and I am so excited.
  3. @Mattim cruising on Allure of the seas January 26 out of Ft. Lauderdale for my 40bday and 4 years cancer free (diagnosed the day before my bday) so I celebrate big!!! My actual bday will be in Nassau. I don't want to go to Atlantis. None of the other excursions through Royal Caribbean for that day seem to thrill me like other ports. Do you have any suggestions? I was told by a past cruiser to take a taxi into the city and just aight see and shop. I would love to parasail or jet ski but I don't see an excursion for that. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Most off brand waters I am ok with. I find more off brands tasting normal while others like Dasani and Aquafina taste like stale water that has had the dirt drained out of it. @RatedPG I am not familiar with that brand but I 99% sure I will be much happier with it than drinking Dasani or Aquafina. @Bakerette$39 for 12 bottles.....I know prices can be crazy but its still water, lol. I'll take the off brand for sure. I think i heard on one of the youtube videos the tap on the ship is ok to drink. I prefer bottled water but again I will drink the tap over Dasani or Aquafina.
  5. @Matt I am purchasing the refresher drink package. I don't drink nearly enough alcohol to justify the deluxe package. My last cruise the drink package was included and I had maybe 10 drinks the entire 7 days. My biggest thing about what I can bring on board is water. I'm real particular about the taste of water. I notice RCCL uses COKE products and because of that I am assuming they use Dasani or Aquafina (both coke products) and I despise the taste of both those waters. Does anyone know the brand of waters they serve when you have the refresher pack? I know I can't bring enough water to last
  6. Hello all and thank you in advance for your information. I've gotten mixed information about bringing drinks on board. I know you can bring up two bottles of wine to your stateroom. I'm confused about water and other drinks. I was told by one travel agent you can no longer bring water but videos I've seen still say you can bring water (not sure how old each video is). Please advise what drinks you CAN bring with you to your stateroom.
  7. This is such helpful information. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and advice
  8. When is it best to book an excursion through the cruise line instead of another 3rd party company? What are some of the 3rd party companies you suggest? I've been looking at Shore Excursioneer (based on one of @Matt you tube videos,) why are some excursions on RCCL not listed with Shore Excursioneer?
  9. @WAAAYTOOO @Matt @Don Hudspeth I travel January 26- Feb 2 out of Ft. Lauderdale. I'll be celebrating my 40th and although I've never been to Nassau or Honduras, I was more excited about Roatan. I would be very upset if they dropped Nassau (what is the likely hood this could happen?) One of the main reasons I picked Allure over Oasis was because they had one extra port. I'm not familiar with a lot of technical cruise terms (propulsion, apizod issues) would it be best to change ships? thank you all so much for helping me to understand.
  10. I'm sailing Allure of the Seas (first time cruising with RCL) Originally Roatan Honduras was part of the itinerary and it has been changed to Nassau, Bahamas. Does anyone know why and could it possibly be changed back?
  11. Is Atlantis worth going to? I know it has a water park but Im purchasing tickets for coco cay water park
  12. I'm sailing Allure of the Seas in January 2020 and they changed one of the ports from Roatan Honduras to Nassau. I was really excited to go to Roatan although I've never been to either. For those of you who have visited both, which did you like more and which would you recommend?
  13. @Skid @Tim B. Thanks for the reply. I've gotten conflicting information from Royal Caribbean and my travel agent has gotten conflicting info as well. I've been told its not available until 90 days before the cruise. I've been told it could be available at anytime. I've also been ask by an RC rep what key am I talking about. I definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to get the key. It will be my 40th bday so I want to enjoy every bit of it with a cherry on top!!
  14. I'm cruising on Allure in January 2020. When is the key available for purchase?
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