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  1. I'm sailing Allure of the Seas in January 2020 and they changed one of the ports from Roatan Honduras to Nassau. I was really excited to go to Roatan although I've never been to either. For those of you who have visited both, which did you like more and which would you recommend?
  2. @Skid @Tim B. Thanks for the reply. I've gotten conflicting information from Royal Caribbean and my travel agent has gotten conflicting info as well. I've been told its not available until 90 days before the cruise. I've been told it could be available at anytime. I've also been ask by an RC rep what key am I talking about. I definitely don't want to miss the opportunity to get the key. It will be my 40th bday so I want to enjoy every bit of it with a cherry on top!!
  3. I'm cruising on Allure in January 2020. When is the key available for purchase?
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