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  1. I just did this yesterday all on-line in the cruise planner ... easy peasy
  2. Thanks for all the advice ! Very helpful !
  3. No stop in Coco Cay ... I wish we were !
  4. Weezie57 .... I didn't think you were sarcastic ! No not at all ! hahaha I got in on the $46 back in June ... I'm so glad I did ! I'm sailing in October too on Allure !
  5. Trying to decide on an excursion in Bahamas ... Pearl Island or Blue Lagoon ... I wanted to do a beach day Any tips, opinions or insight on these excursions would be appreciated ! Thanks !
  6. Because I thought the deal was buy one at $55 and the second was 50% off ... I have since figured all this out LOL I'm a first time cruiser so all this is new to me ... I'm catching on fast tho ! Thanks all !
  7. Yes I did add the gratuity. It just doesn't make sense to me to advertise this way ... I'm sticking with my original purchase of $46 per person ! Thanks !
  8. The current sale for the Deluxe Beverage Package is $55 per person with a buy one get one 50% off. *Savings are applied as 25% off to each guest(s) package. I've already purchased the package at $46 each paying $759.99 I did the math and it seems the current package should be a little better deal but when I put in cart it doesn't show any discount it gives me a total of $907 the full $55 per person ! How can that be ? Why doesn't it show the discounted price when in the cart ? I'm afraid to cancel my first purchase to buy this one if I'm not positive of a savings. Very co
  9. Planning on scuba diving on a cruise but have previously been certified. Noticed the reactivate program from padi which is a fraction of the cost of the actual program. I called the Royal Caribbean hotline and they said the Reactivate Course includes two dives and gear rental for 150$. But something about that doesn't seem right. Has anyone done the Reactivate Padi Program that can shed some light on this for me??? Thanks!
  10. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced hotel thats fairly close to the port in Ft. Lauderdale, there seems to be a lot of them, some look better than others and I'm not familiar with the area. Thanks !
  11. Not sure what to do about having internet. ATT offers a cruise ship package unlimited text and call and 200mb data for $100 So I'm wondering which would be better to get the ATT offer or use the ships wifi VOOM which is now about $100 also ?
  12. Do they still offer the 10 Drink Cards ? My travel agent seems to think its been discontinued. Does anyone know for sure ?
  13. Purchased today for $49 because most said that was the best price ... if it does go down I'm told you can cancel and repurchase at lower price.
  14. Our cruise is end of October and our itinerary got changed because of this problem. I wish it would be fixed by then we didn't like our itinerary change.
  15. Is this something that is only offered on the ship on day 4 ? My first cruise coming up and this sounds like a good deal
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