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  1. Like most people said, this was a horrific accident that was the grandfathers fault. I can’t imagine the horror this family went through. Them suing RC is just them trying to shift the blame from the grandpa and get money from it. There is no way the grandpa didn’t know that window was open. Out of all the windows in the area he happened to place the kid on the only open one by accident? I think he wanted her to get air and lost his grip. It’s not like this railing is feet deep, there is no way he didn’t see it was open.
  2. Our 7 year old had the refreshment package and ordered virgin versions of my drinks, although i’m Not sure that was a great idea. Ever since we got home she’s trying to order lava flows and daiquiri’s whenever we go out. She also loved making virgin drinks at the bionic bar.
  3. My thanksgiving cruise is showing as 49 now.
  4. What is the lowest everyone has seen for the deluxe drink package? I’m not sure what a good price really is.
  5. That’s not the same interface as my phone. I’ll try it on my computer instead. Thanks
  6. Unless I am missing something it’s not what I call easy. Well, maybe it’s easy but very time consuming. I have to select a picture, then after the picture loads I click download and after the download load I have to save the image. Am I doing this wrong? I want to hit select all and 1 download button? With all the clicks it takes to get 1 image it’s going to take me over an hour to get all 78.
  7. Our dining room request was not met. I called 10 days before the cruise and asked to be at a large table with other families if possible. We got placed with 3 older people who did not show half the nights.
  8. There are 3 of us and we paid $85 for a turkey wrap, a burger, a hot dog, a fruit punch, and 2 alcohol frozen drinks.
  9. It’s 600 because your also paying to admission to the aqua park. We just got off Symphony and by the time we got to Atlantis it was 11:30 and we had leave at 1:30. I would check and see what time your boat departs. If it’s 3:30 like Symphony you’ll be paying 300 for a 30 min swim and an hour at the water park.
  10. When I got the package it still said usb drive, but they told me I would be getting a link. Kind of a bait and switch deal there. I don’t have the link yet, got off the cruise sat. They gave me a link to use while onboard but the interface had too many clicks and would take to long to download it timed out and I would have to religiously in after every picture. I hope the interface is better than the onboard one when I get my link.
  11. If you’re the kind of person that overpacks so much that you buy a new bag on the cruise, for extra stuff, and then you walk out of the terminal forgetting you have the extra bag, don’t fly out early. If you do that they make wait until the very last person has left the ship, then they bring you the bag. They don’t care how many times you tell them you are going to miss your flight. What that means for Symphony is that you won’t get your bag until around 11. Don’t ask me how I know this.
  12. We got this one, worked great. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00OJ79UK6?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  13. Excursions St Kitts, we did the dolphin experience. Was awesome and we had time to shop after. St Thomas, we did a sail and snorkel to Turtle Bay. It was awesome too. I wanted to see turtles and we did, they were all over. A guy from a diff boat almost drowned though. They had to rescue him on a raft and revive him. I swam right by him and saw him hanging onto the boat line. A few min’s later we heard the call for a rescue. I kicked myself for not recognizing he was in trouble. We had rum punch on the boat back and it was all around awesome. We even had time to buy some souvenirs at the port before our excursion. Nassau, we did Atlantis. I’m glad we did it but it was a rip off for that price. By the time we got to Atlantis it was 11:30, and we were the first group off the boat. The bus and directions and wristband were so disorganized. We had to head back to get the 2pm bus at 1:30. We basically had 2 hours there. We did the rapid lazy river twice, had lunch and left. It was basically $100 a lap around the river. We we’re back on the boat by 3 and I watched for pier runners. The boat left around 5:00 ish, even though all aboard was 3:30. Not even the late people were not running. If you want to watch for pier runners on the Eastern Caribbean get a room on the starboard side. We watched for runners at all 3 ports. Limits on Things One thing I did not like was the limits on things for my daughter. Try telling a 7 year old she can’t do a zip line cuz she doesn’t weigh enough, or go on the flow rider cuz she’s not tall enough, or swim with dolphins because she’s not old enough. She does zip lines all the time off the boat. We took her to Theater of the Seas after the boat to get pushed and pulled by dolphins, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but RC seems to have higher limits on things than other places. Oh, and they said kids under 18 couldn’t even play some game at on air on night. It was a finish the lyrics game and the host said kids wouldn’t know songs from the 70’s and 80’s, or something like that. I thought it was pretty lame because compass did not list the game as 18+.
  14. Food We did the main dining room every night and Windjammer for breakfast. We tried a few places for lunch. Our staff in the main dining room was amazing, we loved them. I wish we we were not on the 5th level. We watched joggers and a life boat every mean. I was pretty upset by the view, I wanted to be watching the ocean. I will check our dining room view and table first thing for every cruise from now on, when I first get on the boat. I requested a big table, was hoping for 2 other families with kids at our table. We were at a table for 6 and our table mates were not there half the nights. Our MDT was my biggest problem with the cruise. The WJ view was what I wanted to see in the MDR. We tried playmakers one afternoon and it took 30 mins just to get waited on and another 30 before getting an appetizer. We left before my husbands sandwich even came. The potato skins cheese was runny and gross. We sat down at Jonny Rockets one afternoon to get shakes but no one waited on us so we just left after 30 min’s. Sorrento’s had the best fast food pizza ever. They needed to put the all meat pizza out. They had it one night then not again. The cafe in Central Park had the best creme puffs I have ever had in my life. I wish there had been a late night small cafe for desserts, like 10-1. Our daughter did the 5-7 dinner with AO 2 nights and they don’t let the kids get desserts. We picked her up and WJ was closed. Some nights we wanted sweets after On Air games and nothing was open but the candy store.
  15. Adventure Ocean My daughter loved it and wanted to go there the min we were not doing something fun. I thought she would want to be at the pool 24/7 but she had so much fun at AO. She is 7 and not can be a handful. When you register your kid they ask if they are on any meds and I said Ritilan. Because she is hyper they immediately flagged me for getting a phone and they handed me one every time I dropped her off. They said if she was more than they could control they would have me pick her up. The people that work there are saints, I didn’t hear complaints or get calls. They did want to call me one day but they had written the wrong phone number down, but they got her to settle down. AO info On Sea days the sessions are 9-12, 5-7, and 7-10. There is also a 10-2 session but you pay $7 an hour for that. Your kid can go in with a diff age group but once they switch they have to stay in the new group. My daughter was in the 6-8 group but she made friends with a 9 year old and so she wanted to move groups. They let her try the 9-11 group (with a trial pass) to be with her friend, but told her after that session she had to decide which group. She was almost in tears when I picked her up and said she wanted to stay with 6-8. I really wish they had a 12-2 session. RC scheduled adult only things during the 12-2 session that my husband and I would have gone too if we could have left her at AO. For example, Martini seminar, Next Cruise presentation, adult scrapbooking, and slot tournaments were all around 1pm. Hello RC???? You would have gotten more money from me if I could have put my kid somewhere!!! Another scheduling oversight was the Easter Festival stuff. Why would they put that at 5:15? Most parents with young kids probably have 5:30 dinner. Put the Easter stuff from 12-2 on a sea day and put the adult stuff when AO is avail. Anyway, I was very pleased with the entire AO staff. They must be exhausted when they get off. When I pick my kid up from stuff I always hear about problems, and have to give a long explanation of why she’s that way, why she’s not socialized as well as other kids her age, and beg places to let her stay. One last comment, my daughter kept coming back from AO with a British accent, probably nothing they can do about that. Could not take pictures in there.
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