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  1. So glad to hear someone had success with this! Was hoping to get my 12 yo daughter in with her older brothers in the 13+ on Oasis.
  2. I kinda want to know what Jack had to say, but I think I'd rather the thread just continue as is...
  3. I am booked on a Sunday-Sunday cruise in May '22 and nothing is showing for shore excursions at Port Canaveral for me either. I figure they are just waiting for information to be finalized from each of the locations/vendors.
  4. I have a missing port on a May cruise. I figure they are just still working out what is re-opened.
  5. I am seeing new 25% off some excurstions for my cruise 5/20/22 on Oasis so I'm thinking yours was not one of the "selected". That does stink. Sorry.
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