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  1. So glad to hear someone had success with this! Was hoping to get my 12 yo daughter in with her older brothers in the 13+ on Oasis.
  2. I kinda want to know what Jack had to say, but I think I'd rather the thread just continue as is...
  3. I am booked on a Sunday-Sunday cruise in May '22 and nothing is showing for shore excursions at Port Canaveral for me either. I figure they are just waiting for information to be finalized from each of the locations/vendors.
  4. I have a missing port on a May cruise. I figure they are just still working out what is re-opened.
  5. Hi Kirsten! I am hoping for some deaper discounts on a couple things as well and will be checking back frequently, but I did book us the refreshment drink plan for now since I know we want it anyway. If I have to cancel and repurchase cheaper, I will. Do the discounts generally go farther than 25% off or is that just on certain things? My 12 yo daughter wants to do a dolphin encounter/swim at Blue Lagoon Island at Nassua and I'm trying to figure out how to get the rest of the family to the island also without having to sacrifice a kidney. Lol.
  6. Anyone book any beverage/dining packages or excursions with the up to 30% summer savings? We booked our refreshment packages and our Blue Lagoon Island excursions.
  7. I am seeing new 25% off some excurstions for my cruise 5/20/22 on Oasis so I'm thinking yours was not one of the "selected". That does stink. Sorry.
  8. Who's in?!!! First time cruiser here. Excited to learn from and connect with others on this cruise. We are a family of 5, kids 12/14/15, booked in 2 Boardwalk balcony staterooms.
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