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  1. I 100% agree, we avoid the casino now because of the smoke, they would not see a impact if they stopped allowing smoking as the folks who would no longer gamble because they could not smoke would be replaced by people more then happy to gamble in a smoke free environment.
  2. It was with princess, the boat was boring, activities were lacking and the ones that they had were targeted for a much older age group (more a 60+ crowd) then me and my wife(at the time mid 30’s). The food was not good at all and the majority of people were stuffy uptight people. The excursions the ship offered were ok but again geared towards a older age group. We did make the best of it but we were both underwhelmed afterwards. The itinerary was good, alaska is beautiful however. in comparison we did Spectrum from Dubai to Singapore and it was night and day, there were so many activities we had a hard time keeping up. The boat had so much to do on it we did not get bored. The activities on the boat spanned multiple age groups. The excursions where better but we have also found better ways to do things not offered by the ship). People on the boat where much more laid back and we have actually made some really good friends from that cruise who are joining us on our Baltic next year. The food was better then the first but still meh. But we had a blast and are hooked now, we booked next weeks within a week of getting home. We are both very seasoned travellers and I think the some of the difference also comes down to realizing cannot hit as many countries as we can with cruising, we see it as a introduction to countries we wouldn’t normally go to and spend a few weeks at. So I think as we age we realize cruising is a very good option to see the world however the experience is everything to us.
  3. Our first cruise to Alaska was extremely disappointing (not on Royal) and it took 6 years before we did it again this May and it was amazing, our next one is in 5 days and then one next July in the Baltic(with another currently in negotiations with the wife), we absolutely love it and have been converted for sure.
  4. Thanks for sharing, we did Spectrum from Dubai to Singapore in May and absolutely loved the ship, it has kicked off our new addition with cruising as we have booked two additional since we have gotten back(with more in consideration) and with Japan is one of our favourite places to visit so with it thrown in it was great reading your experience.
  5. Personally cannot wait to see what itineraries it has, need to explore this part of the world more.
  6. we will be on Navigator for halloween and I have been researching like mad and it seems the ships definitely seem to do halloween specific events but I am not sure to what extent, this will be our 3rd cruise ever so we are excited to see what typically happens ( @Matt one of your great videos for us newbies would be awesome, something like "what to expect for halloween during your cruise" *wink wink nudge nudge 😄 ) Our ship will be at cococay during the day as well so we will see if there is anything special during the day... you may see two goofballs only in costume lounging at the beach LOL. From what I have seen via message boards and youtube there is usually a parade and people have fun with it, I assume there are other events but I have no idea. The app has not been updated for our cruise yet but youtube search shows us sort of what to expect during a halloween cruise. There really isn't alot out of information out there so it will definitely be an experience and my wife and I will make it rememberable for us regardless.
  7. not sure how that matters, it is a great costume no matter who is wearing it
  8. Great thanks, that is a awesome costume!!
  9. No plans on any weapons at all so that won’t affect us, can’t wait for the cruise it will be a lot of fun!
  10. We will be sailing during halloween this year and I am wondering if there are any restrictions any one knows about for them. Obvious things like offensive, too revealing etc are clearly not acceptable but I am more wondering things like masks or costumes that you are in (inflatable dinosaurs, foam full body costumes etc) are allowed or if they would be considered a security risk by on-board security? My wife and I love to dress up but don't want the fun police to tell us we cannot wear the costumes because of the above, We have some awesome ideas this year but depending on the above it could narrow it down pretty quick.
  11. That’s the picture she sent me but it is apparently the same shirt minus the necklace hahaha, I do a ridiculous amount of travel for work and she finds this stuff and orders it so it’s always a surprise when we get to travel together
  12. I bought my wife and I the drink package for our upcoming Navigator cruise and she bought this. lol
  13. I was on Spectrum in May and loved the ship, the main dinning room was changed from the four separate rooms to a two floor room. As someone said, read through the comments of the reviews most people are giving them low scores because of silly things like "My towels had a extra crease in them 3 of the 14 days so for that I am giving them a 3 star rating" lol, ok maybe not that bad but some folks just cannot be pleased. We are fairly new to cruising, Our first cruise on a different line was to Alaska but we were very unimpressed, 6 years later we tried Spectrum and we are hooked now, we have 3 booked in the next year and cannot wait (34 days till the next). Honestly after reading the reviews on Cruise Critic for most ships we have looked at I do not see the reviews as a valid source for research... comedy maybe but not for researching ships.. There are some very good objective reviews of ships on the site but travel and expectations very so greatly between people that I have never put much weight into reviews. I think Matt actually gives not putting much weight into ship reviews as a tip in one of his videos, I personally cannot wait for another Quantum ship cruise.
  14. We are on Navigator at the end of October, before they announced two cococay stops it was $49, the day they announced the two stops it suddenly jumped to $65 a day.. I think they are factoring the extra cococay day BUT it replaced a sea day that anyone who purchased the package would be using it anyway, I can’t imagine drinking more at cococay vs being at sea.. at least on Navigator. Sadly we missed the lower price so we purchased on sale and hoping there is a lower price. We have another on Jewel in July 2020 and it has not gone up still $52 per day and has not changed.
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