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  1. Buy now. If it goes down then cancel your current package and re purchase at the new price. He who hesitates is lost.
  2. Also the prices are constantly changing. And with New Year probably going up.
  3. Every month is a good time to cruise. Have done Sept. on several occasions. If memory serves me correctly we had rain twice over all of those cruises. Like the song says "Don`t worry be happy" !!!!!
  4. After that scene in Silence of the Lambs with the pigs. I would have to pass on that excursion. A slice of ham with a glass of Chianti is more appealing.
  5. Passport and cell phone stay in the safe all week. It`s called a VACATION.
  6. Khakis and a tuxedo t shirt. And a shower and shave.
  7. Was just on Anthem Sept.12. Embark key line had over 50 people waiting to get on while we walked up to an empty counter and checked in in 1 minute. Disembark we did walk off while watching a long line of Key guests trying to leave. Had priority seating for the shows and got all the specialty dinners and times we wanted. Best money we ever saved.
  8. The cruise was great and the house was sold while we were gone. . Was given 5 minutes to go on the blog. Back to packing.
  9. AFT Any vibration that may happen is a free massage. Also the humming sound is great for lulling you to sleep. Sure better than sleeping under the pools and solarium. Made that mistake once. Lesson learned.
  10. We print out 2 copies one for each of us.
  11. You have a better chance buying a lottery ticket. Have never been contacted about comments on surveys. Quit answering them about 5 years ago.
  12. AT&T has a $10.00 a day plan when you are in a foreign country. We are going to New England and Canada Thursday and signed up for that plan. We are grandfathered under their old plan. Their newer plans cover Mexico and Canada.
  13. We thought our first ever cruise on Enchantment was a big ship. HA HA We have been fortunate to have sailed on all of the different classes of ships. And in between our son spent 10 years in the Navy. Now those are some really big ships. In all honesty we like the mid class size ships. Then again they all are nice as each has its own characteristics. The picture is beautiful. Welcome to the blog and Royal Caribbean.
  14. I have decided to surprise the wife and ordered the Happy Anniversary pkg.of decorations and red velvet cupcakes. I did this for her birthday a few years ago and she loved it. 44 years and counting. She deserves it. As far as the white boards goes. I can guarantee those on Anthem this week I may place a message or two. L.O.L. BEWARE
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