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  1. Simply put: Watch on when docked. Don`t want to miss the ship leaving. Watch off when sailing. It`s a cruise. You`re on vacation. Same somewhat applies to the cell phone. Goes in the safe on the 1st day and comes out on the last day. Don`t worry. Be Happy
  2. Don`t bring hard liquor it will be confiscated and then returned on the last night. We sailed on Enchantment for our first cruise years ago. It has since been stretched. Service and food is so much better on smaller ships. Welcome to the message board. Enjoy your cruise and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. The ship is intimate and we love that ship. We thought that was a huge ship till our son went in the Navy. We have been fortunate over the years to have gone on all the different classes of ships. I love the Oasis class of ships while the wife prefers the smaller ships.
  3. Perhaps "Perfect Day Of The Seas". Just think Perfect: Hats,Shirts, Drinks,Food. It`s endless.The name fits absolutely PERFECTLY.
  4. Will be on Anthem in September. One of our stops is Boston. I will attempt to salvage as much tea as possible while we are in port. Nothing better than a glass of ice cold green tea. Oh and then the ultimate is a Long Island Tea. YUM!!!!!!
  5. And cheaper liquor prices. And Jack Daniel products that I can`t find in Tennessee. And yet it`s produced here. Go figure. And FRESH SEAFOOD. YUM !!!!
  6. That`s why we are moving back to Florida this fall. Lots of ports to choose from and no more airline hassles. And 3 grandchildren.
  7. Hopefully you are not going to Canada or Europe where you will need a passport.
  8. Personally save the money and AVOID Houston. Go thru Chicago. I grew up there and worked at the airport. Bad weather can screw up plane travel in numerous airports. Or do as Jason L said stay over an extra day. It`s a crap shoot. Your flight could get cancelled or rerouted while you are still in London.
  9. Very few crew members are from the U.S. Long hours and cramped living quarters. And if you don`t like it that 6 to 9 month contract can seem like an eternity. And yes we all have dreams that change as time passes.
  10. Just noticed your address. My wife is from there.
  11. Also the fridge is a cooler and not a true refrigerator.
  12. Get well soon. And for future cruises always get the insurance and use a travel agent i.e.: Michelle at M.E.I. Hope everything gets resolved.
  13. We totally agree with your husband. We did our first cruise many years ago on Enchantment during spring break. What a nightmare. It was a 5 day cruise and early on day 3 they ran out of beer. Somehow there was no mutiny on the bounty. The longer the cruise the more drinking they can do.
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