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  1. Well, we did our first cruise in September. A trip for 11 days to Hawaii. I must admit that we both were apprehensive about it. Now we can say, why did we feel that way. It was the best trip we have ever gone on. Our experience was wonderful. On our flight home, we said we're going back in a couple years. Taking another cruise there. Why we didn't do this sooner in a 40 year marriage, we don't know. We can't say enough about the cruise, staff, food, and excursions. Thank you to everyone who answered questions for us. We have since recommended cruising to many family and friends.
  2. Going to be heading to Hawaii 28 days to go. Looking for any info that would be helpful. Example; what to see, what island is best for shopping, best island for beach/swimming. Never been there so this is all new. I don't want to miss out on something as I don't see us returning to Hawaii. I will appreciate any ideas, answers to my questions. Another thing. Is there a reason cruise ships don't stay in a port for an overnight. I think, (assume) that cost could be part. Being we have never been on a cruise we just wondered. When we look at things to do at different ports. We don't see how we can get it all in. We picked what we felt was important to see. Thanks everyone
  3. Our plans have changed for Maui. Now all the excursions are gone. So we now have nothing to do. Any suggestions on what to do.
  4. I'm trying to understand how he did not notice that the window was open. I've heard reports that he couldn't tell there was no glass. I have a boat, never is the boat right up against the dock. A cruise ship is no different. The story changes that she fell into the water, she fell on a lower deck, she fell on the dock. This story keeps changing in a matter of hours. Shame on the lawyer to stand and look at a camera and bluntly say "It's all RCL fault that this happen". I'd like to see security footage of this. Can anyone tell me if there are security cameras on the ships.
  5. Can someone please let me know does Radiance of the Sea have a washer and dryer for guest to use?
  6. I've been listening to Matt on YouTube. He recommends or says to try some excursions that are not offered from RCCL. I have a fear that I don't know who to trust. Can anyone give advise on who they have used while in Hawaii. I have another question. Where do I go to make sure that I have all the documents I will need. I hear horror stories of people arriving and not having a document/paper they need to board.
  7. Ok folks. Here's a update with our flight out for our cruise. We leave at 9:50 am. arrive 12:30. American Airline changed the flight time from 6:50 to 9:50. We have been told that we will have no possibility of missing the cruise ship. That makes me happy. But I'm still not really satisfied. I have talked to the travel agent in great extent regarding this. Even if they fly us to the first port. We will lose the biggest part of the cruise. Its 5 days to Maui. What would we do for 5 days in Vancouver if we miss the ship. I was told if we cancel this flight we lose lots of money. I can't afford to lose money. I'm keeping my fingers, legs and eyes crossed that this all works out. After the cruise I will let you know what happen. Unless a flight gets changed.
  8. I have been watching many cruise videos on do's and don'ts for first time cruisers. One thing I see is always arrive the day before the ship is to depart. My first cruise is coming up in 134 days (I think). Not coming in the day before. Flying in on the day of the cruise via Air2Sea flight with American Airlines. The flight lands at 2:00 and the terminal is 6 miles from airport. Is there a chance I could miss the cruise ship. The ship pulls out at 4:00.
  9. Can someone tell me the answer to this. A friend told me that the pools close on the days that a ship is in port. I was hoping to swim on the days we weren't getting off the ship.
  10. to get through customs and board the ship. we wonder why ourselves.
  11. I heard that we need to bring our marriage certificate with us for the ship and to Canadian customs. Can someone tell me if this is truce?
  12. I can understand what Joe is asking. We feel the same way. Its our first ever cruise and we are anxious to kinda know what to expect. Its a bit overwhelming for me. My husband feels the opposite. He said we've never gone on a cruise. The employees have done hundreds. They will be able to help us. Yet, I still don't understand why we take our carry on with us when the room may not be ready. What do we do with our stuff. I keep reading, when you get on ship, walk around get to know the ship, go for a swim. Where do we change?
  13. Has anyone had any celebration for a milestone anniversary or birthday? What would be recommended for celebrating 40 years of marriage?
  14. I was told by a lady from church that travels. That a phone card or a visa gift card is a good thing to give the room attendant. She told me to also not forget the people working in other areas of the ship who help. ie: Dining room server, the cafeteria workers. and the guest services folks. Yes or no
  15. Good day! I found out the ship is offering a excursion to Pearl Harbor. Our question is. Is there a place where we will be able to store our carry on luggage while we are at Pearl?
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