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Well, we did our first cruise in September. A trip for 11 days to Hawaii. I must admit that we both were apprehensive about it. Now we can say, why did we feel that way. It was the best trip we have ever gone on. Our experience was wonderful.  On our flight home, we said we're going back in a couple years. Taking another cruise there. Why we didn't do this sooner in a 40 year marriage, we don't know. We can't say enough about the cruise, staff, food, and excursions. Thank you to everyone who answered questions for us. We have since recommended cruising to many family and friends. 

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Just now, Skatepunk said:

Our first cruise to Alaska was extremely disappointing (not on Royal) and it took 6 years before we did it again this May and it was amazing, our next one is in 5 days and then one next July in the Baltic(with another currently in negotiations with the wife), we absolutely love it and have been converted for sure. 

What did you not like about your first trip that was corrected on the second? 

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It was with princess, the boat was boring, activities were lacking and the ones that they had were targeted for a much older age group (more a 60+ crowd) then me and my wife(at the time mid 30’s). The food was not good at all and the majority of people were stuffy uptight people. The excursions the ship offered were ok but again geared towards a older age group. We did make the best of it but we were both underwhelmed afterwards. The itinerary was good, alaska is beautiful however.

in comparison we did Spectrum from Dubai to Singapore and it was night and day, there were so many activities we had a hard time keeping up. The boat had so much to do on it we did not get bored. The activities on the boat spanned multiple age groups. The excursions where better but we have also found better ways to do things not offered by the ship). People on the boat where much more laid back and we have actually made some really good friends from that cruise who are joining us on our Baltic next year. The food was better then the first but still meh. But we had a blast and are hooked now, we booked next weeks within a week of getting home.

We are both very seasoned travellers and I think the some of the difference also comes down to realizing cannot hit as many countries as we can with cruising, we see it as a introduction to countries we wouldn’t normally go to and spend a few weeks at. So I think as we age we realize cruising is a very good option to see the world however the experience is everything to us. 



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