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  1. Thank you for the update. Hope everything works out for you!
  2. +1 for this. I have done several solo cruises, that I find so relaxing because I am not always trying to accommodate what the group wants to do. On solo cruises I prefer to have a set dining time because you will get to sit with the same people everyday and get to know them and have an opportunity to talk to about how you are enjoying the cruise. I have had dinner mates that I still talk to, and they are friendships that I would never have had without sitting with them at dinner. I would also say to not be afraid to talk to people while you are out and about the ship. You can always start a conversation with the person standing next to you at the bar or lounging next to you by the pool.
  3. So @Royalnewbie96, How was your first cruise? How was the Star Class experience?
  4. What did you not like about your first trip that was corrected on the second?
  5. The wrinkle release worked great on my last cruise. We sprayed the clothes after they came out of the suite cases and just hung them up and let them dry until it was time to wear. The other good thing about it is that at the end of the day you are on a vacation with a whole bunch of other people you will most likely not ever see again so a few wrinkles are no big deal. It's also true that everyone is in the same boat (😁 pun intended) and will be dealing with travel wrinkles as well.
  6. I have never done a cruise to Hawaii, living in Florida the Caribbean itineraries are so much closer. However I can tell you that once you have your first cruise there is no going back!!! I am so glad you had such a great time on your trip!
  7. Would you share your requests? Trying to get an idea what to ask for.
  8. Well we will try to keep it together for you 😂. No Promises! 😉
  9. Which sailing? My family will be in our first Star Class room on the Oasis sailing leaving January 31, 2021 also in a AT2BD, cabin 9330. We are super excited as I put the deposit down on it yesterday.
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