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  1. My family and I are sailing on Allure of the Seas for Christmas! Since this is one of our very first big family trips we all purchased the ultimate dining package very early on. Just recently I went into the cruise planner and in the ultimate dining package at the very bottom it says it is not valid for holiday cruises. In a panic I called Royal Caribbean asking for some sort of explantion on this and I got a few different answers. I was told that the fine print did not apply to us since we bought the dining package before August 2nd & if a cruiser went into their cruise planner after said date they would not even see the option to buy the ultimate dining package for the holiday cruise. I have a few concerns with this but I’m mostly concerned that we will not be able to use our dining package on the boat for Christmas Eve or Christmas or that we will have to pay the extra seating fee on those days if we want to eat in a specialty restaurant. Does anyone have experience using a dining package during the holidays?
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