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  1. Just checked back and booked the photo package all digital for $119! 3 night dinning still at $105 but booked it anyway just in case it goes up and will re-book if lowered.
  2. Cruise Planner for Ovation of the Seas Alaska Aug 21, 2020 Soda package down to $6.50 from 8.99 Refreshment package down $19 from $28 The Alaska Blanket $19.99 from 29.99 The Polar bear hat my 7 yr old wanted $14.39 from I think around 24.99 --- Ultimate drink package is $51 not sure if that's down as we don't buy it and dinning packages look about the same but I will keep my eye out. We want the three night and it's running at $105 right now.
  3. I forgot one of my magnets on my door last cruise. I hope the next guest loved Westie dogs.. but honestly who doesn't.
  4. The Giant Apple PIE!!!! Also the brown bread with the fruit in it with the honey butter is the best.
  5. When we went to chops on Adventure I ordered the kids steak for my 7 yr old son. The server suggested he just get the fillet because it was more tender and she didn't upcharge me for it would have still been $10. Then my son fell asleep at dinner so she didn't charge us at all! It was great customer service.
  6. You should check out you tuber La Lida Loca - just got back from a Spectrum of the Seas cruise from China to Japan and vlogs it all.
  7. Don't miss the 70's disco party on Adventure. I also recommend hanging out in the Imperial Lounge for anything - music, trivia, ect. The staff in there is great.
  8. I'm sorry I didn't do chef's table so I'm not sure where it was located.
  9. I bought arcade credits for my son on the cruise planner prior to the cruise to save some money. I could add him as the recipient of the credits without turning on spending on his sea pass card. I also added $10 more on the cruise using my card to pay but his card to add on the credits. So he was never allowed to add on credits by himself.
  10. I think it depends what you prefer. I like all options that's why we did two specialty restaurants, 1 MDR and 3 nights at WJ's. I don't always like being tied down to a dinner reservation and a 2 hour meal. I also have a 7 year old, so our plans often change. If you do love specialty though it's always more cost effective to book in advance a package. So maybe do the 3 nights instead of ultimate. Also I agree with Adventure only has a few specialty restaurants so meals may start to repeat. Our next cruise is on Ovation in Alaska and I am def considering more specialty packages as
  11. You have the same reaction to Italian as I do Bagels. hahahah. As a original New Yorker I just looked at them with distain and moved on in the buffet. Glad you enjoyed all your dinning at Chops and Chef's table!
  12. As a person who works in Insurance (auto) I am all about insurance. The medical costs will be astronomical without it. I just picture myself walking down the stairs tripping and breaking my leg. Getting sick is one thing but having a real issue is another. Also you may have to be left off the ship at a port if it is that serious. The insurance is not that expensive. Last trip we took for three people (one minor) was about 94 dollars total. This was for 6 nights and about 50k in coverage for medical. (we drove to port so didn't need flight added in) You can choose your coverage. Say y
  13. Thanks for letting me know. I wasn't sure about it. We got on board at 10:45am and I just went straight to the Specialty restaurant and added him.
  14. Ahoy there, My family just got off the Adventure of the Seas 6 nights Canada New England out of Cape Liberty. I thought I'd share my dinning review. First, I bought Bogo specialty dinning package. This included one specialty restaurant the first two nights of the cruise. As Adventure has a limited amount of specialty dinning we did Chops on the first night and Giovanni's the second. Chops - it was good not great - my steak was a little overcooked but still tender, the side dishes were yummy we had the cheesy tots, spinach and mashed potatoes. I added my 7 yr old son to the
  15. I booked a BOGO package for my cruise that leaves this Saturday but that was early on and it's no longer available, only the Chops +1 - Maybe it's not replaced, just sold out.
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