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  1. No UK citizens are visa free for 30days
  2. Thank you @Lovetocruise @Nikkoo, I was told the same thing on the phone, the consultant said if I booked online with RCCL then no reprice but if I booked on board I could reprice, there was no mention of how many times I could do it. Alby
  3. Hi All -1st post here, I am from Australia and I tried to price match my December 17th 10 night cruise to get a cheaper price. I originally booked online with RCCL with a NRD of $600. I rang RCCL and the consultant told me he could price match but I would lose my deposit, this advice is contrary to what I have read on this forum. However I do note that in this thread @twangster stated " Not all regions are eligible for price drops". Can a forum member confirm for me that different rules apply in Australia v US for price match or should I try again later for a different consultant to hopefully get a different more positive answer. Thanks in advance for all advice. BTW I have been following this forum for some time and the advice I have learnt is amazing
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