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  1. luckily my next trip in Feb the hotel offers the test at the hotel. I need a beach and to be warm and to not look at my house for a few days
  2. a teleporter up to the Wind Jammer
  3. we have a tripped booked to Punta Cana in Feb she may get to go alone
  4. wife gets her shots next week I am so far down the list its scary
  5. So I was looking at the flight I have purchased for after our July cruise its on a Saturday at noon from Miami. It turns out we have the only 5 seats purchased for the flight. the rest of the plane is open. this flight is usually very full past makes me wonder what others know that I do not.
  6. I did my first dive in early April near Chicago we had to break a small layer of ice to get in. It made the water in Hawaii seem very warm
  7. also diving can get very dangerous so you want o make your training has your full attention
  8. nothing personal but I would do the training at home where you are not distracted. there are plenty of local dive shops that would help you no matter where you live. Enjoy your time on the cruise and even go diving on it but get your certification before you go. That my personal thought as a diver for over 30 years
  9. I would go with 7 and focus on fun ports 4 days are over to fast. A oasis class ship may overwhelm you
  10. nope not in a suite. I was hopping more for a idea of what days would be best to go to each
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