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  1. I would go with 7 and focus on fun ports 4 days are over to fast. A oasis class ship may overwhelm you
  2. so all in all don't overthink it get what works out and have fun
  3. nope not in a suite. I was hopping more for a idea of what days would be best to go to each
  4. This is the group to help me out on this I am planning on getting the ultimate dinning package. What would be the best days in the trip to book the Upcharge restaurants plan on getting some sushi snack and some late night snacks from playmakers. I like a good dinner the first night and we will probably go to the MD on lobster night 150 Central Park Chops Grille Hooked Seafood Izumi Jamie’s Italian Playmakers Bar & Arcade Vintages Wonderland Day 1 Departing from Miami, Florida hotels Day 2 Sea Day Day 3 Sea Day Day 4 Philipsb
  5. So this is for before the cruise. We plan to visit some relatives the day before and are going to fly in rent a car then return it right before the cruise. was planing to drop the family off then I run and drop off the rental car.
  6. Not so worried about transport to the port just do not want to fight my way back to the airport on my departure date when all the cruisers are heading to the airport.
  7. is there a good place to rent a car so I can drop it off near the Miami terminal or do most people just do it at the Miami airport?
  8. the one thing that also came to mind would if we cam get the room between us as it only holds 2 people. and move our rooms next to each other
  9. Did a lift and shift and got a amazing deal on a symphony of the seas deal for next summer. We have 2 rooms and it was supposed to be me and my wife and three kids along with my father in law. it turns out that my father in law may not go. the arrangement are for my wife and i to have 1 kid in a room and my father in law with the other 2 kids. It would be really nice if he did not come to just move the one kid out of our room and into the room with the other 2 kids . by the way the rooms are not next to each other there is one room between. Do I cancel stuff ahead of time or do I just wait an
  10. So we have a extra person who now wants to go on a cruise we lifted and shifted to next year. the room will accommodate that but the issue is how do they calculate the rate for the extra person.
  11. I had a feeling Tuesday night my freedom of the seas trip this July was going to be canceled. So my wife and I started to look for replacements in 2021. It turns out no ships are sailing out of San Juan next summer. So we made a list of wish list of trips of cruises we would like to go on and if we could get any of them we move the trip to next year otherwise we would just get our money back. The #1 trip on our list was symphony of the seas July 10th but the thing that worried us was the same cabin we have on symphony goes for 2200 per person per week compared to the 800 per person we paid fo
  12. I have not seen the BOGO dinner package for sale on my 2020 cruise. do they still offer it or did they replace it with something different?
  13. what is the age the kids still get the kids price at up charge restaurants I have a 11 and 12 year old on my trip and am trying to figure out how to plan the meals
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