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  1. I had a total of -1,400 I knew it would just get canceled so I just laughed at it
  2. I know I payed 18% tip when I purchased the package. but averaged out that about 25 per meal so I figure the waiter was getting a 4.20 tip from that. but if I tip off list price i should be tipping $12. we had great service all cruise so Felt I should make sure I tipped appropriately so I made up the difference and added some more. IS that the right way to do it or am I missing something
  3. just hope the hot dogs and sausage are still good at the hotdog stand I remember them being good
  4. I reserve a rental car to drive from home as a backup
  5. I think so we know someone from royal and get his discount on both royal and celebraty
  6. because you can have a island vacation on the front end or back end of the cruise. I do think they are also going to more southern ports that royal does not go to often.
  7. Pyrat rum is good straight up ask the bartenders if they are from the Caribbean they will hook you up with some great rums. I usally drink Pyrat rum but they had me into a ton of good sipping rums
  8. we had a trip one where where the 4th to last people to get back on the ship but thats only because we passed them on the pier. We got stuck 60 min away from the ship with no taxis arround and 45 min to get back we finally found one and a big pile of cash convinced the driver to break all sorts of traffic laws.
  9. sometime when they are changing over to the new promotion you will see full price items. the switch seems to happens starting tuesday and finishing wednesday
  10. one time I thought my wife had tipped the porter so I did not tip them. 2 of the 3 bags had the bag tag removed. Just saying
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